Thursday, May 1, 2008

~*Happy May Day*~

Hello my friends! Happy May Day to you! Oh, I wish I could hang a basket of flowers on your door. One of my fondest childhood memories is May Day. I remember visiting Grandma with my cousin. She would help us make little paper cones & let us pick flowers from the yard to fill them. We then would deliver them to all her neighbors.... hang them on the door knob, ring the bell, and run to hide. Now, I have to be totally honest... I'm not sure what was the most fun ~ the crafting, picking flowers, or hiding after we rang the bell (it was fun to be a sneaky pest). Looking back now, it was all enjoyable.... and the memory is very dear to my heart.

Today is a very windy May Day & we are expecting strong storms tonight. The rain will help my garden grow though.... and maybe get me back in the house to do some stitching! Here are more photographs of my garden....

This is an olde metal box I found in the back pasture. I thought it would be nice to add a splash of color to the corner of our barn. These daisies are so cheerful!

Here is a closer picture of the flowers planted in that olde kitchen sink...

My patch of Sweet Annie is doing wonderful. I'm so proud of this! Last year I purchased a packet of seeds off Ebay & they have flourished! The larger plants are ones that came back from last year & the tiny ones are the ones that have over-seeded. It looks like I will have plenty to dry this year for decorating & crafting.

It is hard to believe that this tiny little thing (only about 1" tall right now) will grow to 10 to 12 feet! This is one of Trinity's massive sunflowers planted along the edge of the barn. After they bloom, they make wonderful bird seed.

I just love Zinnia! They are so super easy to start from seed too!

And lastly..... my favorite thing to say right now "I'm a Backyard gardener!" Here is the front of our home. The tiger lilies have been dug out, stumps from the Rose of Sharon and Yew bushes have been PULLED out, it has been tilled several times, and now is lined with rock (very back-breaking work). My Mom is the Front Yard gardener. She will be here Sunday to help get this all planted up. We are having a big birthday to-do that day.... with planting, go kart racing, and BBQ! It is sure to be a super day!

I've had fun sharing the garden progress with you & will be showing more after Sunday. Again, my friends, Happy May Day!

Have a beautiful, sunny day!

Smiles to you all!



  1. My, my, my.......who would that cousin be? ME? Happy birthday to you early!

    Your cuz

  2. Oops...PS...I see there was some pretty active weather in your area. Hope all is well!

  3. Happy May Day
    some one dropped off a May
    basket here and RAN
    the tradition, but
    I'm sure I know who it
    hugs to April (my secret May basket is awesome)

    love, Deena
    SweeAnnie Looks oh so great!!

  4. You're gardening is looking beautiful Betty! I just love that metal box filled with flowers!!! You're creativity is limitless! Bravo!!!!

  5. Hoping all is well with you. Checked in to see your blog and catch up! Lovely gardening pics, and looks like you are busy as can bee! Jo

  6. Miss Betty the Gardener! There's just something about digging in the dirt isn't there? LOVE your metal box also... clever!

    Jean :)

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it.

  8. Happy May Day to you Betty.

    What a lovely patch of sweet annie. I just bought some sweet annie seeds and also received some from a friend...The ones from my friend Blondie I've started indoors and the others i will sow directly into the ground...I can't wait.

    Those sunflowers sound great. Can't wait to see them full grown.

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. What a great birthday celebration. sounds like a wonderful fun filled day!

  10. What a great birthday celebration. sounds like a wonderful fun filled day!


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