Thursday, April 24, 2008

~*Look At my MUD!*~

Well, it rained all day yesterday and is predicted to rain again this evening.... it is misty right now ~ but I wanted to show you some of my garden FUN! I have PLAYED in the yard quite a bit over the past couple of weeks... and thought you might like to see.

Now, before I show you, let me just say... this is PLAYING & FUN! My Mom will be coming for a visit on May 4th to help me with the front of the house & help me keep it more 'professional' LOL. Here is what it looks like today. Nice MUD, huh?

Looking from our front door... (I didn't do anything here... this is all natural)...

Now for some FUN!

Remember, we live in the country. The previous owner used what she had as planters. We have a couple of feed bins and even the kitchen sink! I moved the sink to the pump house and put it atop a couple old cream cans we had. It sits next to the fish pond & will make a cozy spot. The shovel hanging from the pump house is a garage sale find ~ the perfect size from Trinity when he wants to help Mom. The long stick we believe was used as a walking stick... we found it in the barn.

Nothing is left untouched around here when I am playing! This ol' tree is in the yard behind the lil' house (my future studio) and the pump house. It has a hole in it... so, I added a little dirt & some plants. They did good last year... so why not again this year?

Oh... and I have to tell you about this! I recently purchased this AWESOME birdhouse from Jenny of countryrustic. She does fabulous work! She is very sweet & professional. Tony built the little shelf for the house to sit on. I then had him put a bottom on it & we made it into a 'Bed and Breakfast'!

One last picture for today.... more later after things are blooming. We have many Redbuds here & they are all looking so beautiful....

Well.... I hope you have enjoyed my garden tour. There are so many other spots in the yard I want to show you... but they will have to wait for the seeds to start sprouting. For now... I'm off to stitch on those cross stitch models a little more. They are getting closer to being ready.

Many smiles to you...



  1. Betty I absolutely love the kitchen sink idea! Can't wait to see that in blooms. Love your redbuds, mine is still struggling. And the spiria is gorgeous. I think it's all going to be colorful. Now keep stitching on those models! : )

  2. Oh Betty, Just love redbud trees. We used to have a couple of beautiful ones at the other house, but I can't seem to keep them living here. We have probably purchased at least 5 and just a couple of days ago I dug out the one that we planted a couple of years ago - dead!!!!

  3. Love it..
    can't wait to see more..when
    the new blooms come

  4. I LOVE the kitchen sink :) I have a bathroom sink outside that I stuck on a stick and used for a birdbath for a few years. The stick broke and I wasn't sure what I should do with have me thinking now!

    Everything is looking great! Don't worry, the sun will come up and dry up the mud and you'll be able to get back to work :)

  5. You are the woman, Betty!!! That's some fantastic work there! Just hafta post that I adore the kitchen sink idea! If I had an extra sink, I'd be copy cattin' that idea in my own yard! LOL! Looking forward to more progress pics!

  6. Oh Betty, Looks like you are having a wonderful spring like us here in Missouri.
    Aren't the redbuds just beyond beautiful this year?
    Love the pictures!!!

  7. What a wonderful spring show! I love the yard, trees, sink planter, birdhouse. I love the look your've given your surroundings.


  8. Looking good, Betty! Love your "tree" planter idea. When your done can you come and do my yard????


  9. You are a gardener after my own heart... minus the kitchen sink... since I don't have one to spare!


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