Sunday, June 15, 2008

~*Sunny Father's Day Sunday!*~

Hello Friends & Folks! I do hope you are all enjoying Father's Day in the sun with your beloved families. My Dad didn't have surgery last week as planned. The hospital had to reschedule for more life~threatening patients. Dad is feeling better but getting short of breath very quickly. Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers on his behalf. It is very much appreciated.

For Tony.... 'cause he is such a GREAT Dad.... I made him some chocolate chip cookies & have a chicken bake in the oven now. He would much rather have a home-baked meal than eat out.


I thought I would show some recent garden photos. Lately I have been so very busy that the crabgrass has been sneaking in everywhere.... so please ignore that if you see it ;) ....

The previous owner made two planters in the backyard from old feed bins..... it was easier to keep them planted than remove them.

They really are easy to plant up. Not much bending & kneeling involved.

Trinity is excited about the growing lily pads.... and says he can't wait to see a frog hop across the pond.

Tony has the porch almost finished on the lil' house. He built me a small bed in the front of it. There is a climbing rose bush, with yellow blooms, on each side. I can't wait to see them grow up the posts! Between the roses are my herbs and the pepper plants my Dad gave us last weekend. I'll post more photos as they continue to grow.... hopefully grow anyway.

Every 'olde tyme' garden MUST have a flowerBED! I started the Morning Glories by seed. They should be blooming soon.

The landscaping in the front of the house is doing very well. I'm HAPPY to have almost all the crabgrass weeded out of this garden.... and that nothing has died.

The daisies are lookin' really great!

I started hooking a rug today too. It feels GREAT to be doing something creative. I'll keep ya posted on it.

Many smiles,



  1. Betty~ I just love all the gardening. How do you ever keep up with all of it and all your stitching projects. You must keep busy from sun up to sun down! I might have to keep my eye out for some old feed bins what a great idea.

  2. That flowerBED is a riot! Too funny! I love the gardening photos. :D

  3. Betty,
    Love you gardens! Like all the containers you used,the bed is really neat!!

  4. I think the old feed bins look great Betty. Also love the look of your garden bed. You have lovely plantings. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Lori R

  5. Lovely gardens, Betty. Your flowers are so pretty.


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