Monday, August 25, 2008

~*Big Birthday Bash!*~

Hi Friends! Here are some fun family photos from our big August birthday bash yesterday. There was way too much food ~ but never too much fun! Between both sides of our family, there were five to celebrate for and with! We had a day full of food, presents, cake, go kart riding, ice cream, bike races, watermelon, laughs, pie, smiles, swimming and FOOD. Humm... did I say food more than once ~ and did I mention cake, pie, and ice cream?

My Mom turned a young 60 this month. Isn't she a beauty?

(from left to right ~ my sister Angie, Mom, and me)

Trinity turns 6 tomorrow. He was so tickled to be getting a new bike. The look on his face was priceless!! When he rides now... it is like the speed of light!

Of course he had to have a special Hotwheels cake. One thing I can't do is bake & decorate a cake. It is a good thing the grocery store girls can!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Tomorrow will be fun too.... treats for Trinity's 1st grade class and he starts Cub Scouts too!

Thank you all for the thoughts, special words, and most importantly prayers for my Dad. He is continuing to get his treatments this week & I have all the faith in the world that he will be fine. Thank you!

On the crafting side of things. Today I have been trying to finish up my items for The Primitive Gathering. Both The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds will be updating on September 1st. I've been punching & hooking every spare minute I can find.

Happy crafting! And, many smiles to you!!!!



  1. Happy Birthday wishes to Trinity, Betty, and to everyone else who was celebrating! Are you included in the birthday bunch? I enjoyed your pictures and especially the one of Trinity with his new bike and of you with your Mom and sister! But (gulp) I just realized that you're probably young enough to be my daughter!!

    It sounds like a great time was had by all. And the weather's been beautiful. I can't wait to see what you've been up to on your punching and hooking.

    Continuing prayers for your dad.

  2. Happy Birthday Trinity!!!

    Loved the pic's Betty and BOY you, your mom and sister sure do look like one another! The cake sure does look yummy ~ I wanna a piece, lol!

    Positive thoughts coming your way for your dad.....

  3. Big Happy Birthday Wishes for Trinity and his bike looks awesome.

    What a wonderful birthday celebration. Beautiful pictures of you and your family!

    Continued prayers for your dad and may he grow stronger with each new day!

  4. Happy Birthday Trinity!!! The look on his face with his new bike is priceless. Birthday wishes to your Mom not that she's possibly 60 at all!! You all look alike! What a fun sounding party! Yup, I'd be right there with you on the food and cake and pies and ice cream. Thanks for sharing your party with us.

  5. Wish I coulda made Trinity's cake for him! But it would have looked terrible by the time it travelled halfway across the country.

    And I'm glad you clarified who was in the photo, cuz I never would have guessed that it was your mom in the center.


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