Saturday, August 23, 2008


(this picture was taken a few years ago)

When I was little, and up through my high school years..... he was always referred to as Daddy. For some reason that changed and he bacame Dad. I'm not sure why.... guess it was just me getting older & thinking I was more mature to refer to him as Dad. It never, in a million years, would mean he meant any less to me ~ that goes without saying I suppose.

I remember long rides in his pickup, just the two of us.... driving back from Oklahoma after our weekend visits. (My parents divorced when I was only 5 & Dad was living there while my Mom & I lived in Kansas. I'm not hurt by the divorce as I was lucky to grow up with 4 remarkable parents!) On these rides Dad did everything he could to entertain his lil' girl. My favorite thing, that is a cherished memory still today.... was him singing On Top of Old Smoky. It would make me giggle nonstop....

Dad is still getting radiation for his tumor. He has 4 more treatments due. Then the doctors are going to consider surgery of the turmor, part of the lung or all of one lung. Time will tell. Please, if you will.... continue to pray for him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Betty,
    I will add your dad in my prayers and for your family.


  2. Your post brought tears to my eyes...I remember calling my dad "daddy" and then yes it changed to "dad". What I wouldn't give to see him again and call him "daddy".
    I'll keep your dad in my prayers.

  3. Betty, I've been praying for your father since we talked about him at Judy's.

    My dad died 4 years ago this month, on the 18th, and I miss him more now with each passing day. Yes, I'd give just about anything to be able to see him and call him "Daddy" one more time.

    I'll also pray that the radiation does the trick and his surgery will be successful.

  4. Betty, your post brought back so many fun times that my dad and I had. He passed away almost 6 years ago. Never stopped calling him Daddy and miss him so much. Will continue to keep your "Daddy" in my prayers.

  5. Dear Betty,
    My thoughts and prayers continue for your Dad, you and all of your family.
    I always called my dad, Daddy. Sometime in my teens, I referred to him as Dad, and he was very I still call him Daddy...or Papa as my son calls him!
    I worked for his company for about 10 years...and it was really weird to call him Jim in front of clients and associates.
    Hold close to all those sweet memories, they will carry you thru...
    Hugs, L

  6. Betty, I will continue to pray for him. He looks like a wonderful guy and I'm glad you have so many loving memories of him.


  7. Betty, he sure looks like a sweetie. He's in my prayers...and so are you.
    Ann, quilts-an-crafts

  8. Awwwww Betty! I will keep your dad in my prayers and your family too. Hugs, Julie

  9. This is my first visit to your blog, so you don't know me at all. I will certainly pray for your dad. Things like this bring even strangers in the big "cyberworld" together.
    I don't remember exactly when my daddy became just "dad", but reading your touching post made me want to call him daddy all over again. Thanks for sharing such a deeply personal part of your life.

  10. Big prayers for your Dad and you Betty...

  11. My prayers are lifted Betty. Don't give up on the power of prayer. Dig deep and have peace knowing that God hears us all for your Dad, for you and your whole family.
    My Dad became Daddy again in his last days. It came out of my mouth so naturally. Find comfort in these times by taking time for yourself. You need it.

  12. Betty,
    My heart and prayers go out for you and your daddy. May each day bring him closer to good health once again. It's so wonderful that we have so many special memories that we can reflect back on of time spent with our daddy's.

  13. Betty sending big hugs your way. Know that you and your's are in my prayers. Your Dad has been in my heart and prayers since we shared our stories. We're all here for you dear friend.

  14. Betty ~ add me to your list of prayer warriors for your dad!! The more the better!!

  15. Betty -- I am thinking of you and your Daddy . . . hope he heals quickly.


  16. Ahhhh Betty ~ such a nice story about your daddy dad. I will certainly pray for him and your family.

  17. Oh Betty..I will sure be praying for your daddy..
    I know how much us girls love our dads..
    fondly, deena

  18. Betty, I think just about ALL daughters go from their 1st word being DADA. Much to the chagrin of MAMA. Then it's Daddy's little girl then Dad.
    BTW he's a cutie!!!!
    God Bless him & Angels surround him to give strength.

    Sherry aka:The Queen

  19. I'm late to contribute, as I haven't had much browsing time lately, but want to hop in here and let you know that your Daddy is on my prayer list too.


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