Thursday, August 21, 2008

~*A Happy Day*~

Hello my friends! Today is a Happy Day! In the mail today was a prize I won from my dear friend, Ginger, of Primitives by the Light of the Moon. She had a drawing last week that I didn't win... but was tickled to be her 'Runner Up'. She sent me the sweetest Halloween & Fall fabrics wrapped in some hand-dyed thread... along with the most HEAVENLY scented barn star, wax tarts.... pumpkin cheesecake! WOW, huh?! To say the very least, I am tickled pink... or would that be PUMPKIN! LOL Here is a picture of my new goodies....

Thank you, Ginger for your kindness, generousity, and friendship!

We have started a little Fall decorating here on the prairie. At the end of our driveway ~ to greet all our guests ~ is the scarecrow that Trinity and I have been working on.

I was going to leave him pantless... but Trinity insisted he have britches. So I dug out a pair of my beloved overalls so he could be dressed in the best of farm~life attire. At his feet is our old & rusty garden cart potted with a few mums I picked up yesterday. Simple, but sweet I think.

Have you started your Fall decorating? Isn't it a fun time of year to put things out?

I would like to make a note of 'thanks' to all of you that have given suggestions for my dough bowl. You have all been a GREAT help! I appreciate you all taking the time to post a comment to help this ol' gal out. Thank you!

Ok... time to get back to punching. Please have a day full of sunny smiles!

:) Betty


  1. Betty your scarecrow is great! Love the mums and even the logs at his feet. Very nicely done! Will be nice seeing him at the end of your driveway!! It's definitely time for fall decorating with these great temps we've been having!

  2. Betty~ That has got to be one of the cutest scarecrows. You and Trinity did a super job. Now I want one maybe I can sneak some overalls from Danny! :)Ginger

  3. Hello, I just love your blog. Great job on the scarecrow! Hey some of our dearest friends are from Kansas, Olathe! The Blakes. My hubby and I love to come to Kansas and visit. I like that you cross stitch too, one of my favorite pastimes!
    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Hi ya Betty! I love your blog too and as you know, I'm just startin' out on these things, lol! LOVE you and Trinity's scarecrow ~ I'll start decorating for fall soon (have to get through tropical storm Fay first). Marte :-)


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