Sunday, August 17, 2008

~*Deconstruction Started Inside!*~


Hi Friends! Tony started tearing out the inside of what will hopefully, someday.... be my studio! He added the front porch a few months ago, you may remember. Yesterday, he decided to start tearing out the old bathroom.... which lead into more work today. Oh, was it nasty! (I helped a little bit)

The look on Tony's face says it all ~ doesn't it?

The little house was build sometime in the late 1800s.... or so we think. It was originally just one room, but now has three. There once was a door on the north side that led out to where the outhouse was. It has long been closed off & the previous owners added this bathroom in the corner of the main room. Over the years, many of which have been vacant, the pipes have frozen, shifted, and busted. The 'septic' is no longer ~ per county code. It was hooked up to the well, but has been disconnected. So.... my lil' studio won't have running water or a 'potty'. That really doesn't bug me in the slightest... it is only across the driveway from our home.

He worked on it all day. It is now a clear room ready for new floors, walls, and wiring.... then the fun stuff.... like PAINT! I'll take some more photos so you can see the progress.

I'm off to hook for a bit ..... :)

Many smiles to you!



  1. Betty~
    I'm tickled pink for you! Your going to have such a wonderful place to make all your handmades. I'm looking forward to seeing it as you add all those special touches!

  2. Can't wait to see it come along!!! How fun!

  3. OH I am so happy for you!!! And jealous too!!!!! EVERYTHING in one place,how GREAT will that be!!!!!

  4. Hey Betty! Wanna race? We've been tearing the basement apart this weekend. My "studio" just needs a paint job and a new floor, but since I'll be installing the floor myself you probably have an edge on me. :)


  5. I can't tell you how excited I am for you! I am going to be living vicariously through you and your little studio house until I get my own! :)

  6. What a worker and great husband Tony is!! Bless his heart for taking on this huge task for your studio space. Keep the pictures coming, Betty. I love seeing them.

  7. Betty, What a sweetheart your Tony is! I just know it will be so prim and perfect when you are through.
    Definitely worth all your efforts!

  8. Tony is definitely doing a chore of the heart fixing the studio for you!! It'll be wonderful have a place away from everything to create. Can't wait to see it's progress.


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