Sunday, August 17, 2008

~*Mark Your Calendars for some FUN*~

(click on invitation to see larger)

I picked up fliers from Kris for the up coming show yesterday. There still may be another artist sign up for the fun... we will know soon. It is sure to be a fun & fabulous day! Please mark your calendars. It would be GREAT to see you there!

I've been hookin' & punchin'! (my poor arms are showing it too.... lots of scratches) I'll post some pictures of the works in the next few days. Until then... have a sunny & smiley day!

:) Betty


  1. Sounds very exciting, Betty!

    Take care of those scratches. ;)

  2. Did I read that right, Betty?!?!?! You're making CUPCAKES?!?!?!? LOL!!!! Just kidding there darlin'! I just could not resist... I hope you have a very enjoyable and successful day!!! Your designs, technique and presentation are always top notch!!!! Hugs & Smiles, Sharon


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