Sunday, August 3, 2008

~*I'm Dreaming in ORANGE!*~

Hello my friends! Yes, it is true... I'm not only dreaming in color (always have!)... but now I'm dreaming mostly in ORANGE! I have visions of jack-o-lanterns haunting my sleep. Ok... so they aren't haunting me ~ I really am fond of them... and they aren't all orange ~ some are green and some are white. But I have been seeing lots of them in my imagination.

While I was doodling today, I thought it would be nice to share.....

Enjoy ~

Yes, Halloween is still a few months away.... but this gives you time to get your fingers a workin'.

Many smiles to you...


  1. Betty ~ You and I must be having the same dream....I have pumpkins overflowing. Some are finished, some are doodles on paper and I'm even seeing faces of pumpkins in the woodwork! I think I need help! Thanks for another great doodle.
    Blessings :) Ginger

  2. I've been wading through orange fabrics & paints. I'm so ready for autumn! Thank you for the nice patterns. I've just begun needle punch and may just give this one a try.


  3. Another fantabulous design Betty! Luvs the punkin's! Thanks so much for your generosity! Finally getting the hang of needlepunch, and this design is going to be perfect! Yup, I'm another BIG fan of Autumn!

  4. I think we are all rushing ourselves out of time but I , too, have thoughts of fall. Looking forward to picking pears and canning some as well as making juice. And apple juice, too. Fall/autumn is my favorite time of year.......

  5. Betty, thanks for the doodle/pattern. I'm going to hook him!

  6. Hey there, just popping in to say "Hi" yes, fall is a wonderful time!! I agree!! Hugs, and I love your doodle... MO


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