Wednesday, August 6, 2008

~*Creative Energy in HIGH GEAR*~

Hi Friends! I've been happily punchin' away.... on more punkin's of course! BUT, I've also been working the final touches on 2 more cross stitch patterns! The funny thing is though... the cross stitches aren't Fall~fevered..... but I think you will still like them.... at least I hope you will like them. :) My creative energy has been on HIGH GEAR & I'm really excited about showing you everything I've been working on!

For now.....

.... this lil' ditty has been scheduled to list tonight on Ebay. After 8pm CST tonight click here or visit my seller's id of primitivebettys to see it. It is listed as part of BLESTB's Early Harvest Launch.

To see all BLESTB has to offer, click here or search Ebay using BLESTB.

As for my latest patterns.... MAYBE I can show them to you tomorrow. The models & charts are finished.... but I need to design the covers & write up the instructions ~ then off to the printer. Then I promise you can see them.

Thanks for letting me share some of my excitement!

Many smiles to you..... Betty


  1. Love that pumpkin! : ) You do such great pieces Betty! Can't wait to see your new cross stitch patterns.

  2. Another wonderful piece. Your work is boo~ti~full!!!!
    Hope you get lots of bids.

  3. Awesome piece Betty...will be checking for your new you have any energy to bottle and sell too??? I could use at least a gallon or so...


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