Thursday, September 25, 2008

~*Finished Pillow*~

Hi ya buddies! I finished up my little Oxford punched pillow this morning & thought you might like to see it. I'm learning as I go... and have mixed feeling about the finished pillow. I love the Fall feeling it gives with the lumina pumpkin & rich variegated, deep green background.... and I even like the snaggled~look of the yarns. However, as much as I do like the snaggled yarns ~ I know they are not suppose to be that way. I've always considered myself a 'rule-breaker' when it comes to my primitive works... so maybe this is just another way of breaking, bending, or busting those rules.

My order of wool yarn arrived in todays mail... so in the near future I can get the dyes out! I'm also wanting to work the punch with wooly worms from my hooking projects. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Many smiles to ya..... Betty


  1. Betty,
    It come out wonderfully, very prim. One thing I don't like about using yarn is the perfect or latch hook look.
    Love it


  2. Nice job Betty. I'm sure you'll have fun dying your own yarn to personalize it more to your liking. No matter what you do, you always do it so well!

  3. Betty your pillow turned out oh so wonderfully prim. I think I may have to hunt up my oxford needle!

  4. Betty, when you said it was acrylic, I had to look again, I still can't see a difference between that and nice wools. It is amazing all the nice yarns they have now and really, if it looks prim and can be washed, even better.


  5. Betty,
    It's a really nice pillow! I love the colors, too. Maybe one day I'll have some time to experiment with yarns, but for now I'll stick with floss. I'm going to try one of your cat/pumpkin freebies this weekend!

  6. Just always do such wonderful projects!


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