Saturday, September 27, 2008

~*Saturday Sharings....*~

Good Day Folks! I'm so happy to share this with ya...

This was made using one of my freebies... by Rondell ~ Tomatoe Creek Prims. Isn't it super prim and super SWEET?! I love it! Thank you so very much for using & sharing my pattern.

Also, I was kindly given another award the other day by Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives.

She gifted this to me days ago.... I've been terribly busy & not gotten around to posting my THANK YOU. Thanks Joni! I really do appreciate the notice & accept the award with the greatest of gratitude!

The rules of the award state I should gift this to 7 others... it is so difficult to narrow it down. I'll work on passing the award on in the next few days.

Today is going to be a busy day. I'm at a point where I MUST clean house. The past many weeks, our poor house has suffered & been neglected. Tomorrow we are celebrating my dear, mother-in-laws birthday. The entire family should be here.... so we really should have a clean house for the festivities. I also want to do some 'creative' work... I have a cross stitch model working, needle punch jacks to finish, a pumpkin rug to hook, a UFO rug to finish, and a million plus (that might be an exaggeration) ideas spinning. Guess I should get busy.

I'm wishing you all a marvelous weekend full of TONS of smiles & fun!

~ Betty


  1. Thanks you so much Betty for posting about the stitchery I did of your pattern! I was looking for an email address so that I could email the pic to you! I must tell you that I drew it free hand because I couldn't get it right by tracing. It is also made on feedsack that I bought at the fleamarket.
    Again thanks for all the neat patterns that you generouly give.

  2. Rondell and Betty,
    Wonderful stitchery from a wonderful pattern.
    It is fun to see all the different ways it is made up.


  3. Rondell did a wonderful job on the stitching! Betty, Just love how versatile your patterns are. Hope your day is filled with happy smiles and wonderful memories!

  4. Betty,

    thanks for sharing the great work by's so wonderfully prim and olde looking...I have the pattern drawn up ro punch...maybe next...

  5. Hi Betty!
    I stitched up your freebie too and love it so much :o)



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