Monday, September 1, 2008

~*Robin's Rug*~

Hello Friends! My sister-in-law, Robin, just stopped by to show me her rug & I just HAD to share it! This is only her second rug & I think she has taken to it like a natural.

The pattern she used was one that was gifted to me by my buddy Sarah of The Paisley Studio. Sarah and her sister, Barb, also sell together as Hallowed Hill Primitives. A couple of sweet & talented girls they are!

Robin had her darling Jimmy, make the barn wood frame to fit the rug. They had originally planned to put the rug in from the back ~ like you would a normal picture... but then opted to mount the rug by laying it into the routed out groove from the front. It worked perfectly!

Robin is a dear soul & I'm proud to have her as a sister-in-law..... and happy as can be that she is interested in hookin' with me now too!

Warm smiles to ya...


  1. It is so beautiful! I like the colors and everything. Two things I want to learn to do someday is rug hooking and penny rugs! I love them so much!

  2. Love it! Your SIL did a great job and it's only her 2nd rug? Tell her "great job"!

  3. Robin's rug is very pretty! She's really coming along well with hooking!

  4. Really nice rug and her second one at that- I think there is a hooker there :) Love your blog Betty. Hi from Joni - Fully Wooly Primitives.

  5. Betty~ It's so nice that you have a sil with the same interest. Tell her she did a beautiful job.

  6. Hi Betty!
    Your sister-in-law's rug is WONDERFUL! I just love all of your offerings with the pumpkin themes. So Cool!!!

    I have just gifted you with an award! Please visit my blog to view details, and don't forget to read the "fine print" where I release you from any further obligations connected with "said" award. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you making a difference with your time & talents.

    Blessings... *Linda*

  7. Great job! I see many many many more rugs in her future. She's a natural!

  8. What a great rug...looks like she's on her way becoming another wool addict...sounds like a perfect sister in law!


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