Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~*He Is Excited TO DO HIS BEST!*~

Hi Friends! Tonight was the first night of scouts. Trinity was so EXCITED about being a Tiger Cub that he could barely stand still! (well, he can barely stand still at anytime.... that is normal) He and I both had a nice time at the meeting & had a chance to meet a bunch of friendly people. We are looking forward to the program. Of course, we will have to get Dad in on the action too when he isn't at work. The first camp is scheduled towards the end of the month. I know Trinity wants to go... we will have to make sure Dad is off work!

Thanks for letting me share my handsome lil' guy in his uniform!



  1. Oh, Betty... He sure is a handsome boy! And he looks mighty committed. I know you're enjoying this :>D

  2. He looks like a cub scout - woo hoo! He is such a cutie!

    Hope he enjoys it :o) My Ben was a cub scout but didn't want to go further - sure was lots of fun when we were all in it though. Lots of work but so rewarding. The potluck dinners were fun. LOL


  3. Trinity looks so handsome in his uniform...Just too Cute! May he have lots of happy times in the Scouts.

  4. Trinity looks so happy! I hope Cub Scouts turns out to be as much fun for him as he wants it to be!

  5. Doesn't he look cute! My boys all started out in Cub Scouts and went on to Boy Scouts - one made it all the way through to Eagle Scout, the other two made it until they were about 16 when, as their scout master said - the 'fumes' got them. (perfumes and gas fumes) They lose a lot of them when they hit driving age. I couldn't believe the oldest stuck it out - the first two years it rained on every single campout but he kept going back!

  6. Betty,
    What a handsome scout he is!
    These are such precious times ~ Enjoy!

  7. Betty, just a little something for you over on my blog. www.woolfind.blogspot.com. Perhaps you've already received this, I don't know. But you were one of my picks! Enjoy.

  8. Betty! Trinity is such a cutie! I've always loved a man in uniform, LOL!! You must be so proud of that little guy.


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