Monday, September 8, 2008

~*Wishing You a Happy Monday*~

Hello my dear friends! I would like to wish you all a Happy Monday & a blessed week. Please find joy & love with family and friends... and treasure each moment.

We are home safely from our visit in Oklahoma. It was nice visit with Dad & see the love that surrounds him. We shared stories and smiles. We did treasure each moment..... and are wishing & praying for more. It was nice to see the family together.

Thank you for all your concerns, comments, and prayers. Dad has hope & trust in God. This cancer is not going to change that.

Many warm smiles to you....



  1. Betty, I'm glad you and Trinity are home but very sad to hear about your dad. Just love him and be with him when you can.

    My cousin once told me that losing one's parents is the final passage into full adulthood. I know you feel the same as I do.....I wasn't ready and even now, 4 years later, I'm still not ready. I'd happily give up my adulthook to have my "Daddy" back.

    Hugs to you........!

  2. Betty...I'm so glad you were able to share treasured moments with your dad. I'll be praying that you and your dad have many more times spent together.

  3. Thought about you while you were with your family. Praying there will be more days to be shared.

  4. So happy you were able to spend time with your dad. I hope you will have many more such times.
    God Bless


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