Friday, October 3, 2008

~*Friday Feline Fun*~

Hello Friends! Today is a cool, Fall day. The windows are open to let in the nice, crisp air. While sitting in the living room, we noticed Tommy (one of our lovable outdoor kitties) peeking in....

What do you think HE is thinking?

Oh no.... here comes Sarah in STEATH-MODE.....

She MUST investigate .... there may be an intruder...

You KNOW Sarah is thinking ~ "Oh... how DARE he try to get into MY home! That lil' BRAT!"

You just gotta love 'em!

Many smiles....


  1. Too funny Betty. Tommy has such a sour puss, lol.


  2. Love your kitty, Betty. And Tommy is a very handsome fella! Just love them while you have them.

  3. Tommy is thinking...It sure looks cozy in there. I wonder why they don't let me live in there like that other cat!

    Lori R

  4. I always stop in to see what your kittens are up too:) My son Michale and Corrie have a cat, Isabella, Michale always tells me what she is up to:0 I've never had a cat, only dogs, so I hear how cute they can be!

  5. Tommy might be regreting all the problems he caused inside that caused him to get the boot! What a hadnsome fella he still the pics

  6. So cute! Tommy sure looked like he wanted to come in and play!

  7. More likely Sarah wanted to get a closer look at Tommy! ; ) Beautiful cats Betty! Don't you just love their antics?!!


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