Thursday, October 16, 2008

~*More to Share!*~

Hi Buddies! Yup, another great ditty has been brought to my attention! This pillow was made by Pam of BASKETSNPRIMS. This is yet another darling, prim finish. I cannot tell you all enough... I LOVE TO SEE THINGS MADE FROM MY DOODLES! I'M JUST TICKLED PINK EACH AND EVERY TIME I SEE ONE! REALLY!!!! Pam said she found my blog & doodles through Rondell of Tomatoe Creek Prims. She isn't the first to tell me that either. I think Rondell needs a big hug, pat on the back, and huge SMILE of Thanks! :)

Thank you for sharing your finished pillow, Pam. It is charming!

Warm smiles,


  1. Yes, i found your blog through Rondell too! I also made a stitchin from your doodle, I saw Rondell's and just have to have my own!

  2. Another great finish to one of your doodles. Just love all the embroidery! When you get some free time stop over at my blog I have an award for you!


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