Friday, October 17, 2008

~*Life With a Six Year Old*~

Hello Dear Friends! Days of late, I have been struggling to get any finishes done. I've got numerous projects in different states of completion.... and oh so many promises to fulfill. T's the way of life I suppose.

One of the reasons (I can't really use this as an excuse), is that Trinity does still take up a big chuck of my time.... but he deserves every minute available! He is growing up so fast! The night before last, his bedtime story was ....

I'm pretty sure this book belongs to one of the older boys, either Jamie or Craig. They were Turtle followers in their younger years (maybe still are!). Because Trinity likes anything that the big boys like... well, this is one of his favorite books. When we finished reading it the other night, Trinity spotted the recipe on the back page....

Oh how he wanted to make them! So, yesterday, when he got home from school.... I told him if his room was cleaned Spotless.... he could make them. Of course a six year old can't clean his room spotless without Mom's help. We managed though... with not too much fuss. Then, he set out to make us dinner.

We made a few alterations to the recipe.... using pizza sauce in place of tomato sauce & added come Canadian bacon. You know, they weren't too bad. Trinity ate two himself!

He was very proud of his accomplishment...

We had a very fun evening. His bedtime story last night? Well, we started a Junie B. Jones book ~ Boss of Lunch. Humm.... I wonder if Junie B. has recipes?


I have received a few more emails with finishes to share!

This first one was done by Lisa of Black Sheep Prims Homeplace. Lisa had seen Rondell's finish & wanted one of her own. Wonderful work, Lisa!

Then, I also received this one from Cristie Nixon. This isn't from one of my freebie patterns. It was made from ~*Punkin and Holly*~, a needle punch dolly pattern. It looks like she has the dolly framed - so maybe she isn't finished off into a doll. But what I thought was most DARLING.... look at the lil' charms hanging from her hand! Beyond CUTE!

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing!

Ok.... like I said earlier.... I have finishes to be finished. I had better get to it.

Have a blessed day with many warm smiles!



  1. Trinity, your dinner looks delicious! Way to go, Betty... start him young, and soon he'll be cooking dinner for you, or at least helping! :)

  2. Mmm...looks so delcious!
    Gotta love bedtime stories!!! I miss those days, but once in awhile we still snuggle up for a good read! Tonite, my 12yr-old is cooking dinner as part of his French homework...Dad & I get to grade him on the clean-up, too!!!

  3. Love the crafty creations, but that picture of Trinity just beaming is so wonderful!

  4. What fun...Looks like Trinity did a wonderful job with those pizza's. My son and daughter both liked Ninja Turtles when they were little now that brings back lots of memories.
    Enjoy all those bedtime stories while you can they grow up ever so fast.

  5. I used to make those pizzas with my preschool class and they always loved them. Now you make me wish I had one to eat. :) I just discovered your freebies which led me to your blog. Thanks for sharing your patterns!

  6. Ah kids, yes, our biggest blessings and largest distraction. Your artwork is beautiful. Heres to motherhood
    Love April

  7. Mr Trinity thanks for sharing your recipe for these yummy looking pizzas! : ) Love all the finishes!

  8. Those are so good, I grew up eating english muffing pizza and so did my husband. When we first got married we ate those quite a bit. They are so good. Thanks for the great memories :)


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