Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~*T's A Working Wednesday*~

Yuppers... Friends, it most surely is! There are updates due very soon for both The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds. Tell me... why do I get down to the wire every month and feel such a rush to get things done? Maybe it is normal, but goodness! I also wanted to keep at least one ditty offering on Ebay at all times and I'm really slacking there too.

So, today I have oodles beyond oodles to work on ~ cross stitching, needle punching, rug hooking, and prairie dolly making. Guess I shouldn't be on the computer then - huh?

Well, I have a really good reason to be posting right now. My good buddy, Ginger gave me this award....

How sweet is that? Thank you, Ginger! I'm touched!

As with most other awards... there are rules to pass it along. So here are the six that I'm gonna pick this time.... (you know it is always hard to narrow it down!)

Sher of Old Crow Farm Check out her front porch!

Laurie of Prairie's Edge Primitives Have you seen her hooked corn?

Marte of Boggy Creek Primitives She has been a punchin' fool lately!

Debbie of Woolensails I've been drooling over her newly re-done workroom!

Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives I'm so envious of her trip to Lancaster, PA!

and lastly...

Beth of The Twist Family She has two of the most beautiful children ever & lives the American dream!

Ok... guess I should get to work.

Many smiles to ya!


  1. Thank you for the honor Betty. I wish I had more time to decorate for the fall, but always seems like I am making things for sale. I am sure you know how that feels. It is a long season, so maybe next year I will get started early.


  2. Thank you Betty ~ MY SECOND AWARD!!! Yippeee!!! I'm updating my blog tomorrow and will be sure to add my award and will be picking my 6 to award it to.

  3. Many Thanks Betty for this fun award! Sorry for the delay in coming by to pick it up...things have been a little crazy around here the past few weeks.

    Hope you are enjoying the Fall season to the fullest!

    Wooly hugs, Laurie


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