Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~*Wonders Of Wednesday*~

Hello Friends! Yup.... I'm full of wonders today. I'm wondering most of all where the week has gone! Is it half gone or has it half begun? Is that the proper way to say it... you know, proper grammer and all? Oh well, either it is or it isn't... today is still Wednesday and I still need to get some things (MANY things) accomplished. However, I do have some happy news to report! I'm very proud to announce that I have completed my UFO Challenge rug!

Ta da......

Let me first say, I purchased this pattern, Fracktur Peacock & Tulip, from Maria Barton of Star Rug Company. Maria has many wonderful designs and is a wealth of information. She has been published in Rug Hooking Magazine numerous times with many uniquely, creative patterns... including her whimsical, Iggy. If you aren't familiar with Maria... you should get to know her stuff. She is one talented cookie! Maria has a blog too.... Star Rug Company.

I choose this pattern for a few reasons.... I liked it and it looked like a challenge for me. I normally hook very simple. Yes, this is still a simple rug, but the 'pinwheel' flower has much more detail than I am accustomed to. So...... therefore, t'was a challenge. The flower actually hooked up easier than I had expected it to & I am happy with the results. When I look at Maria's model next to mine though... I much prefer her background. It has much more texture and movement than mine. Every rug is a learning process for me... and I know I still have more to learn. That is okay.... this rug will be displayed proudly in our hall. I have a spot on the wall to hang it.

So, as for today.... the wonders will continue... I wonder what will be on my agenda. Will I be cleaning, cross stitching, hooking, doodling, needle punching, cooking, napping.... or all of the above? Hummmm... guess I'll just have to see.

Please keep a watchin' though.... I do have some things worked up in my lil' brain and hope to bring them to you very soon.

Have a happy day with many smiles!


  1. This is lovely Betty, and congratulations on the finish! Can't wait to see what you have been up to!

  2. Hey Miss Betty! Glad to see you got it done...Looks great! I got my Witches chair pad done too! Sorry I haven't written...Been super busy around the old farm. Hope to drop you a note before the day is over. Talk to you later. Hugs, Sher

  3. Betty,
    It is a beautiful rug, love the colors you used. I enjoy doing rugs with fraktur designs and brighter colors. We all need a bit of that in our houses as well as prim.


  4. Great job with finishing your challenge Betty! I for one will not be finishing mine. My goal now is to finish the entire center of my rug by the deadline. Just too big of a pattern and got a late start on it. Love Maria's patterns. Can't wait to see what you are working on next...

  5. This is lovely, Betty! I can't wait to see what new fun you have in store for us! Cross stitching? I hope so! I just finished up one of your freebies and loved doing it!

  6. What a beautiful rug, love it! The pic of the kitty in your last post is just adorable, I love cute!
    blessings, kathy

  7. That is one beautifully hooked rug! Can't wait to see what else you've been up too!


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