Monday, December 8, 2008

~*Jamie is 20!*~

Hello Friends! Please join us in wishing Jamie a Happy 20th Birthday! He is one of my two very handsome, stepsons. We had a nice time last night visiting, eating supper, and celebrating with his strawberry cake. All our boys were here, along with my dear Mother and Father-in-Law, and Jamie's beautiful girlfriend, Annie. I had to apologize to him because I didn't realize until I was done that his cake was totally PINK!

He did want strawberry, but maybe I should have frosted with Cool Whip or vanilla instead of more strawberry. He is a good sport & said it was fine. It would be eaten either way ~ which is was. BUT, to add to the 'pink' decor.... I placed baby blue napkins on the table.... which made it look more like a baby shower instead of a birthday party. Silly me! :)

Happy Birthday Jamie! We love ya!


Soon I'll be making a visit to the post office. The post master is working hard today....

I just do LOVE the giving part of Christmas! Which reminds me... soon (maybe in the next few days), I'll be putting up another freebie for you just for the season. Please keep an eye out!

Many smiles to you all...



  1. Happy 20th Birthday Jamie!! Hope it was Grand!!


  2. Happy Birthday Jamie!
    Always tough to have a birthday close to christmas.


  3. Boy Miss Betty, you sure have been a busy elf.
    Sure wish one of them packages was coming my way. Very luck people to be getting some hand dids from you!!

    Jamie sounds like a very cool kid. Very nice looking too.

  4. Happy, Happy!!! Looks like a great cake. yummmmmmmmmmm


  5. Happy Birthday Jamie!! 20!! Great age to be!! Wishing you many, many more......
    Betty, too cute with the pink icing and blue napkins lol.

  6. Happy Birthday to Jamie! Glad he had a wonderful evening spent with family and yummy cake!

  7. Happy Birthday Jamie! Strawberry cake is the best isn't it!


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