Saturday, December 6, 2008

~*Today's Hook-In*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm so excited to share this with you! Today was Judy Cripps' monthly hook-in and it was so much fun! Judy and her hubby, Brice, have their home decorated for Christmas beyond belief! There is Christmas in every room... even the garage ~ which is now called 'The Hooking Garden'~ (It is called that because the amount of hookers that come to the hook-in each month has grown too large for just the house to hold us!) This month, Judy treated us all to lunch. It was a delicious casserole of pasta, sauce, beef & pepperoni... a fresh green salad... garlic bread... and yummy brownies! We all chatted, hooked, ate, shopped, and really enjoyed the day!

For the season, Judy offered us a really cool exchange that included something for us PLUS a chance to help others. She drew up a simple star on monk's cloth & offered it to us with the proceeds going to the Topeka Rescue Mission. Then, we hooked the star, wrapped it with our names inside the box, and brought it to the hook-in today... where we then put our names in a basket to draw & choose a package with someone else's piece. My SIL and I were called early on & did choose each others package.... did we cheat? LOL

Here is the group of us in the 'Hooking Garden'....

This is the rug that I received from Robin. Her dear Jimmy made the barn wood frame. I'm planning on starting the re-do of our spare bedroom this week... this is going to find the perfect home there! :) It is a cherished gift from my sweet SIL!

Here is a close up of my rug.

Thank you, Judy, for hosting such a fun gathering every month! I'm already looking forward to January!

Many warm smiles to all....



  1. that would be soo much fun!!! i love both of the star pics. great job!!!

  2. Wow what a lot of fun! You came away with a super rug to put in your spare bedroom your SIL did a great job! Glad you had a wonderful day!

  3. Looks like everyone had such a great time. The stars are great, what a good idea.


  4. How much fun is this! And your stars are beautiful! Makes me want to learn hooking!

  5. Thanks for sharing your fun day! I love the stars, and isn't it fun how everyone's is so different? Hope you will share pictures of your room redo.

  6. What a fun day and special project. You are lucky to have such a good size group to meet with. Lots of inspiration there I'm sure. Lori R

  7. Betty, I wish I lived a Little bit closer, I'd definately be there each month. Maybe we should start something like that in Springfield! Though my house isn't very large-it's cozy. (Nice way to say 1200 sq. feet!)

  8. That looks like so much fun, your so lucky to have that around you:)
    Love the stars you both exchanged great job!

  9. Hi, Betty. I guess I should have moved a little further to my right. The girl in front of me moved and all I can see of me is the very top of my head!! Oh, well, better to be anonymous anyway. I'm sure you and Robin had at least as much fun as I did. What would we ever do without Judy and her hook-ins? And wasn't lunch just the best?! Judy's such a good cook! I just wish I'd been paying attention on the star exchange. I totally missed that one and didn't know anything about it until Leslie emailed me....and by then, it was too late. Oh, well, better luck next year.

  10. That looks like total fun! I love getting together with fellow hookers who get my obsession!
    Dana in VA


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