Friday, December 5, 2008

~*Fattening Friday*~

Hello my Dear Friends! Well... I'm blaming this on my good buddy, Ginger! She posted how to make peanut clusters on her blog the other day and I have been drooling over them ever since! So, today when I was in town running errands I found myself in the grocery store in just the right isle to buy what I needed.

Ginger's look much prettier than mine do... but they do taste yummy!

I read on the back of the Almond Bark package how to make the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies. We already had the crackers & peanut butter in the cupboard... and what do I like even better than chocolate? PEANUT BUTTER! Before I added the peanuts to the chocolate for the clusters, I dipped the sandwiches in to coat them. So, while I should be doing other things on my still-too-long list.... I took a chocolate break & had a GREAT time doing it! Thank you, Ginger, for showing us how!

I'll be off to visit my Mom and StepDad tonight.... they LOVE peanut clusters! You know I'll be sure to share. Mom and I are going to do a little Christmas shopping. It looks like we will have lots of sugary energy to get it done!

Many warm smiles to you!



  1. Betty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Girrrrrrrrrrl, youre making me drool over here! Chocolate covered Ritz Bitz are my favorite. I make a WHOLE box for Christmas every yr and pretty much eat them all myself - not good! After seeing your post, I may just have to start early:)

  2. Those look so yummy and I would love to make some for my husband, he loves turtles. But, to cook and smell that, without being able to eat it, might make me nuts, haha.


  3. I'm in trouble now. I had forgotten about the peanut butter and crackers and I just took the last package of peanut clusters to work so I wouldn't be tempted. I may have to invest in a stairmaster!
    Have fun at your hook~in tomorrow.

  4. Chocolate is it's own food group ya know. Just ask any female!

    I think I just might make these!


    Jean :)


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