Monday, December 1, 2008

~*Some Christmas Decorating*~

Hello Friends! We started putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday. It is always fun to put the ornaments on the tree. Trinity especially loves it! Many of our ornaments are handmade ~ many by my friends across the cyber waves. We also have a collection of 'special-to-us' ornaments ranging from Raggedy Anne to Nascar in theme. It makes for just a sweet, old fashioned, family tree...

We had to get new lights this year. My hubby's favorite lights once belonged to his Grandma. He struggled with them for a long while, but just couldn't get them all to light up at one time. So, I ran to Walmart & bought these large bulbed, LED lights. They resemble his Grandma's, but are more energy-wise.

In another corner of our living room, I put my feather tree. My Mom gave me a box full of these crochet snowflakes. She didn't make them, but they are still very special to me. I have several left in the box that I'm thinking of hanging from the windows. I'll just have to see what time allows...

This Santa was one that I made about 15 years ago. He just brings a smile to my face every year when we pull him out of the box...

Now, as you can see from the photos... the sun is shining. I'm hoping it has warmed up some because we still have cornstalks on the front porch and a scarecrow greeting our visitors at the end of our driveway. It is due time to get those things down & some evergreen and large red bows up to replace them. So... on that note... off I go.

Many warm smiles to you...



  1. The trees look wonderful. There is something so special about feather trees!


  2. I can see the spirit of Christmas is shining in your home. Love your feather tree with the quilt.

  3. love your trees Betty - those crocheted ornies brought back memories for me - my mom used to crochet (it felt like hundreds of them) and i had to help pin them to a board after being dipped in sugar water to stiffen them! Wonder whatever happened to them! Will have to ask! joanne

  4. Betty - your house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas - love your trees - and those crocheted snowflakes just brought some memories - my mom made 100's of them (well if felt like that) as it was my job to dip them in sugar water and pin out on a board to "stiffen"! Every few years i had to do that! Will have to ask whatever happened to them! joanne

  5. Everything looks wonderful Betty. The wagon looks really nice near the tree, love those lights. And your feather tree looks precious. Cute Santa too!

  6. Your tree is beautiful Betty! Love all the handmade ornaments and the old fashioned lights! Feather tree is cute too with the crocheted snowflakes! Very cozy!

  7. Your decorations are just precious Betty! I really like the big lights on the tree ~ old timey :-) I have yet to get my stuff out, I keep talking about it but....maybe tomorrow I'll start.

  8. Thank you for spreading the magic, Betty.
    Love the trees, the Santa and the whole tone of the article.
    Enjoy the season!

  9. Love all your decorations, especially that little feather tree!
    blessings, kathy

  10. Looking so cozy Betty!
    We had the same "light" issue this year too! Just love your feather tree!
    Wooly hugs my friend, Laurie

  11. Betty your home is looking so pretty with the trees and decorations. Love your feather tree with the snowflakes. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  12. Betty, I love your snowman! He is adorable! I read on Lori's blog you may try quilting. Let me know if you do! I do handquilting and can steer you to some freebie patterns.


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