Monday, December 29, 2008

~*More Christmas Presents to Share*~

Hello Friends! It appears my camera batteries were snagged & used for some rc car racing over the weekend. That is why the camera wouldn't work. Oh well, the boys were having fun! I have the batteries recharged now & am able to share some more goodies.

This plate was made by my soon-to-be Daughter-in-Law, Kristy...(my oldest stepson is getting married in May). She used my freebie ~*Christmas Kitty*~ to laser etch on this glass plate. Her Dad owns Flinthills Laser Expressions and makes some really remarkable items... out of marble, glass, and wood. You should have heard me when I opened this gift! I was so excited! This plate will be great to offer cookies or cheese & crackers at an Open House someday! Thank you Kristy!

These next two gifts were given to me by my dear, Sister-in-Law, Robin. Robin just started hooking and punching this past year. It is so wonderful to have her to share crafting time, ideas, and thoughts with! She is so super talented too!!!

She used my ~*Ladybug*~ doodle to punch up a top for this cute, little wooden box. Ladybugs are thought to bring good luck... so I'll have to store some up in my new box! Isn't it sweet?

This isn't from one of my patterns... but it was made using my banner. (The banner was created by Linda Pinda.) Robin had this wooden bowl sitting on her kitchen counter when I visited her one day. I commented on how cool it was ~ carved out of a single piece of wood with some bark remaining on the sides. You can imagine my surprise when I opened this gift & saw my banner Mod Podged in it! It is a great place for me to store my woolly scraps while I hook. (I save all my wool scraps & use them to stuff pillows.)

This gift isn't from anything I've created... but may be used ~ or partially used ~ later on. My darling hubby went antique shopping on three separate days to find gifts for me. (Yes, he is super sweet!). This was my 'largest' gift...

This old, glass bottle is over 2 feet tall & probably 10 inches in diameter. It is filled with TONS of buttons! How many? Well, I don't know yet... haven't counted. Hummm.... maybe I should think of doing a poll or contest to calculate the number of buttons! LOL (really though... maybe I will!)

Well, I suppose I've posted enough of my Christmas gifts... for now anyway. I really do feel blessed to have such great friends & family members. Thank you all for your kindness, generosity, and love.

'Til next time.... many warm smiles your way!

~ Betty


  1. Love the big bottle of buttons!!!

    Linda in VA

  2. Betty~What thoughtful gifts you received!! You can never have too many buttons!!

  3. OMG I LOVE the bottle of buttons..I am a button lover too..Your husband did good..Connie

  4. What wonderful & thoughtful gifts. You have some great treasures for sure!

  5. Betty,
    What fun gifts. I like the etched glass plate. I see the supplies for etching in the craft store, like we need another craft;) I would like to do pottery again, been years and my grandmother had her own ceramic studio. Would be fun to make custom plates and items for friends.


  6. You received such gorgeous gifts. Somebody was a good girl this year!

  7. LOVE your wonderful, thoughtful, personal gifts! :D


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