Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~*TIME to Share*~

Hello Friends! The New Year is not too many hours away... it is ~*Time*~ to share another freebie finish!

This fabulous finish was stitched by Patti of Winding Vine Wanderings. I think it is just so sweet with the ribbon hanger & olde key. You all KNOW how I love olde keys! Thank you for sharing Patti! I love your works!

Folks, please keep sending me finishes. I do love to see them & show them off.

I've been busy with the kiddo during Winter Break... but I have been punching too. My needle was pretty dusty from what seemed like months of neglect! There will be some new offerings on Lemon Poppy Seeds on the first. Please keep an eye out!

Many warm smiles to ya....



  1. She did a beautiful job on the piece and the key is a wonderful touch. How wonderful for everyone to share their creations with you.


  2. Beautiful needle work and the key adds the special touch!
    Looking forward to seeing what your needle has been creating for LPS.

  3. Just beautiful work, love the key too!

    My needles are so dusty maybe today I'll dust them off:)

  4. Love the pillow finish and you got some amazing Christmas gifts! Enjoy!

  5. Hello Betty,
    Thank you for your wunderful freebies, I post it on my blog.
    I wish you a very creative, god new year.
    EVA from Germany

  6. I love that idea!! I have to finish mine and find me an old key!!

    Happy New year!1

  7. I love what Patti did with her TIME piece. I adore the key idea.

  8. Beautiful work, and I love the key....what a nice touch! Love seeing all your Christmas gifts, and I really like that bottle with the buttons.
    Happy New Year! blessings, kathy


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