Friday, December 19, 2008

~*Spare Room ReDo*~

Hello Dear Friends! This Friday is going to be frenzied! No doubt about it! With Christmas less than a week away, there is still so much to get done! I still have some presents to buy and presents that I want to finish making. Plus, there is still gift wrapping and baking and food shopping and, and, and, and.... Well, you get the point. Many of you are probably feeling the same!

Part of my stress has been caused ~ or maybe this was a stress reliever? ~ because I decided to redo our spare room and actually make a spare bedroom out of it! This room was once my 'craft' room. It actually is the third bedroom, but it was filled with my computer desk, work table, shelves and more shelves... plus fabric, floss, boxes, and just whatever would fit! The floor could barely be seen it was so loaded with 'stuff'. Truth be told, you probably wouldn't want to see the floor anyway because the carpet was 40 years old!

It wasn't in the budget to get new carpet, but I did do some floor work. Our home is not filled with beautiful hardwood floors. Ripping up the carpet simply exposed the partical board, subfloor. But, with my SILs suggestion.... I primmed it up with paint! (Thank you Robin for the suggestion!)

This is a photo of what the room looked like as I was moving out...

Here is what the room looks like now.... there is still some work to be done with a little more furniture moved in & many more knick~knacks displayed.....

I'm so proud of this bed. I bought it myself, when I was just 16, at an antique store. You should have seen the look on my Mom's face when I came home telling her of my layaway purchase at the local antique store! It was price-less! Then even more so when she saw the bed!

My sweet Mom gave me many of the pillows and the beautiful crochet bed cover. The doll is one of my garage sale treasures. She was only a couple of dollars.

The curtains were an auction win for only $3. I wish they went to the floor, but they will do 'cause the price was right. My darling Hubby picked out the curtain rods. He noticed right off at the store that they matched the trim in the room.

The hooked star was the one I received from my sweet SIL at Judy Cripps' a couple weeks ago. The tiny clock was given to be by my Dad when I was just a baby. It doesn't work any longer, but is still very special to me.

After pulling up the old, icky carpet. I cleaned the bare boards to free them of carpet stripping, staples, and dirt. A coat of primer was applied. Then I painted the floor just a simple antique white. (Just bought the gallon of paint right off the shelf - no mixing involved.) I then cut two stars out of some thin carboard (recycled cereal box). I was out of the wall paint color, so I used a similar paint color to stencil the stars randomly on the floor. Then to protect the paint from getting worn off too quickly, I applied just one thin coat of poly-acrylic. Some day, we may carpet the room ~ but this works for now.

We can now have company spend a night or two... or more. :)

Another project this week was this dolly...

I heard that my Grandma was wanting a Raggedy Anne doll. So what was I to do, but make her one?! I didn't have a pattern right off, but found this free pattern offered by Mamaw's Creations. I've added a few of my own touches... sure hope my Grandma likes her. Shhhh.... don't tell. She hasn't seen her yet, but hopefully will later this afternoon.

One more thing I would like to share with you today is this...

My 'little' brother (he is 31 years old) made this Copper Rose. He has it listed on Ebay ~ Click Here. It is simple & sweet on its own... but I especially like what he wrote explaining his inspiration for making it. He had read in an email of a husband giving his wife a dozen roses, one of which was plastic. Along with the roses he wrote, I'll stop loving you when the last rose wilts... meaning he would never stop loving her. Oh... what a romantic he is! :)

Thank you for letting me share my frenzied week. Guess I should get back to my list of things that must be done.

Many warm smiles to you...



  1. Betty, the room is just beautiful! You did a wonderful job on on and the floor is awesome! Now where will your work room be? That room is too pretty to work in!

    I love the rose and your doll! You did a great job and your Grandma will love it!

  2. GREAT job on your floor, it looks AWESOME!

  3. Oh Betty the room is beautiful! I absolutely love the floor, that is really gorgeous.
    Just wonder what you have done with all your craft did you manage to hide it all?
    Your brother is very clever, thats a very interesting and lovely rose.
    Lovely doll too.

  4. Betty,
    I think the room looks wonderful, nice and cosy.


  5. Betty - the room is wonderful - I have a similiar room with an antique white bed - a cross between victorian (or frilly as you say) and prim too - My room looked like yours in the before pics too - I know how much hard work went into that room and you done good - looks beautiful and a wonderful place to stay the nite! Your guests will love it!

  6. I think you did an amazing job! I love the room, esp all the accents and the FLOOR - WOW!

  7. I am in a frenzy too Betty - with cleaning and last minute decorating.

    Your room looks so beautiful and so special! What a comfort it must be to walk in and see all the sentimental items and just how beautiful everything looks.

    I'm watching your brother's rose. It's very nice!

  8. Oh Betty! The room is simply wonderful!!! Everything blends in just nicely! I love the color of the walls. Grey? Brown? The floor is super! No need to wait for carpeting, don't need it! Your project should be featured on one of those cable room makeover shows... :-)

  9. the room looks awesome~love the bed~wonderful job on the floor!

  10. Betty...I love what you did with your spare room. Every little touch is perfect right down to the floor. I love painted floors. Your Grandma is going to love the doll. The rose your brother made is so unique.

  11. you did such a great job in there Betty. Love the floor show us some more pics of it. I think it looks awesome!

  12. Betty, Awesome job with the bedroom. The floor is great! Love what you did with it. What a way to show your treasured pieces. That clock is adorable and the pillows your mom made are really nice. Your Grandma will love the raggedy ann for sure. Too cute.
    I am such a sucker for romance, that I just melted when you explained about the flower. He did a wonderful job with it. Wishing him HIGH bids....

  13. I love your redo on the spare room, especially love the bed! Great job on the floor and I love the stars.
    blessings, kathy

  14. What a great idea to finish the floor. I am going to suggest that to my son for the nursery. I will be happy to paint it for them.

    What a treasure that bed is. I loved that you bought it. A wonderful room!!

  15. Betty, I absolutely LOVE what you've done to the room! I love that bed too!

    That doll is so precious! I need to make a doll ~ I never have and I want to so badly. I'm a bit intimidated though. Yikes!

  16. Betty I love your room redo..The floor just blew my mind..I have painted floors but never stenciled them..I love the stars its perfect for that room..You really did a great job on everything in the room..Connie

  17. I love the room and the bed is priceless...Great layaway!!!! What an awesome job you did.

    The rose and the doll are great to.

    Now i need you to come to my house and re-do my craft room back into a bedroom...LOL

    Hugs Pam

  18. I love your spare room redo! It's gorgeous! The floor is AWESOME! Nice work!

  19. Betty, I LOVE your spare room. What a beautiful and peaceful place to offer to your guests. And I'm constantly in awe of the things you come up with....the floor. What a great idea and one I certainly never would have thought of.

    Your doll is so cute and your Grandmother will love it!! And the copper rose? How neat!!

  20. The room looks great! But where did you put all your stuff???

    merry Christmas!


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