Friday, January 16, 2009

~*Here Kitty Kitty...*~

Good Day my friends! BbbrrrrrRRRRRR... yes, it is still freezing cold here. Although, they say it is suppose to warm up to the mid 40s this weekend. I'm sure that will feel like a HEATWAVE after having below zero temps. I've tried to stay busy with crafting, but am still playing catch~up around the house. Trinity went back to school yesterday & is feeling wonderful. He really did recover so much more quickly than I had expected him to do. His surgery for tonsils, adenoids, and ear tubes was just one week ago today.

I received another email today with wonderful pictures. (You KNOW I LOVE to see finished works!) This email came all the way from The Netherlands. This is still just so amazing to me! It was only about 4 years ago that I started 'playing' on the computer. I've never been out of the country & haven't really even seen that much of the US. (I've never seen the ocean... believe it or not!) The computer has brought the world to my home & given me a chance to meet some really wonderful folks from ALL THE WAY AROUND IT! I don't know what I would do without it now & really don't know what I did before it. Silly, huh?

Anyway.... Harmien from The Netherlands stitched ~*My Favorite Kitten*~ pinkeep pattern (available at your local needlework shops or at my Etsy shoppe). She stitched on 30ct Irish Creme linen by R&R Reproductions and coffee stained/baked the fabric after stitching. She remarked at how much fun she had stitching... and that she couldn't stop at just one! Now... aren't they darling?!

Here are the backs...(LOVE the fabric choices here too!)

Now... I'm going to have to make my way to The Netherlands so I can HUG them! LOL

Thank you Harmien from sharing. They are sweet as can be!

On the pattern note... it was asked the other day where my ~*Friends Sampler*~ can be found. It too is available from my Etsy shoppe.

Have a day full of glorious smiles....



  1. Betty, how wonderful that you are able to extend your hand in friendship to other countries through your wonderful stitcheries! I too, have recently found a new blog friend from russia. It is so exciting to me because, like you, I have never been out of the country. I did get to see the Atlantic ocean when I was 18 and it was so overwhelming for this Ohio girl, I cried. Then I moved there and lived for 7 yrs by the ocean! Anyway, your sticheries are wonderful!

  2. i love the kittens and thanks for posting a link to your etsy shop!!
    off to peek. :)

  3. Betty,
    Those are wonderful. I haven't stitched in years, but you sure tempt me. I have tons of cat patterns, one of these days;)


  4. I love those cat pinkeeps, she did a wonderful job on them! They are soooo cute. What fun to meet someone from the Netherlands.
    It's -27F here in eastern Canada today, I hope it warms up here soon! Stay warm....blessings, kathy

  5. Well, come on over Betty, the kitties and I will welcome you with open arms!! We've just hit the 40s, so you'll warm right up...LOL!!
    Thank you again for such a sweet and wonderful design!

  6. Those are simply darling. When you get to the Netherlands, take plenty of pics for us!! I dream of going there LOL!!

  7. Oh! Those are too sweet! Harmien is so talented. And if you ever do make it over here to the Netherlands, my door will be open and the coffee (or tea) will be ready!

  8. This is absolutely adorable! What a fantastic idea to stitch a litter and use different fabrics for the backs. I may just have to do this myself some day soon.

  9. That basket full of kittens is just darling!

  10. Betty - these Kitties are DElicious!!! thanks for sharing them with us readers!

  11. What a wonderful basket of kittens. She did a beautiful job and love how she backed each one. Betty ~ your patterns are popping up the world wide how awesome is that!
    Keep warm and toasty and glad Trinity is doing well.

  12. Betty, I'm officially in love with those kitties.I'm a dog person, but after seeing these kitties I HAVE to stitch these up. Thanks for displaying your etsy shop link. My aunt owns 9 cats and my cousin has 5. Now, I can't possibly make 14 cats, but I can definitely make one for my aunt and one for my cousin. I think they'd appreciate them.

  13. Oh my gosh, those are just too cute!! What a neat idea to stitch up a litter, and beautiful presentation, too.

  14. I love these kitties, Betty. This is the kind of litter of kitties that even my husband would agree to. But I have enough trouble finding time to hook, let alone take on another hobby.

    Glad to hear that Trinity is doing well and went back to school.

  15. Hi Betty, just love the kitties, what a great idea to have several in a basket so that they can play and keep each other company.

    I also love your "Friend Sampler" you received and the one you made for your Mom! Very nice.


  16. Oh, they are charming. I bought the pattern (at LNS)& haven't gotten around to actually stitching one. I like the idea of having a basket full !!!

    I also bought Spring Thyme to hurry up the winter!! I'm really done with the snow and yukky weather.


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