Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~*Sweet Stitches*~

Hello Friends! Boy is it cold here! They say we aren't getting record breaking temps.. but it sure is BITTERLY COLD! I hope you are staying warm ~ spending your time crafting.

Today I was thrilled to receive a couple emails sharing some sweet, stitched finishes. The first came from Kathy....

~*Silent Holy Night*~

She said she didn't get it finished by Christmas, but is thinking of leaving it up all year. You gotta know how GREAT that makes me feel! :) If you aren't familiar with Kathy or Kathy's home... she and her home were featured in Mercantile Gatherings Holiday 2008 issue. Her home is Out-of-this-World magnificent!

The second email came from Michele (don't have a blog listed yet... but I'm checking). She stitched up my ~*Friends Sampler*~ (one of my pattern offerings for sale) as a gift for her Mom for Christmas. A friend of hers also stitched up the pattern as a gift for HER. Michele changed the pattern a bit to fit the Mother/Daughter theme & then stitched it up into a sweet, pink pillow.

I hope Michele doesn't mind... but I just have to share her words from her email to explain the excitement, fun, and sweetness...

"I thought I'd send along a couple of pictures of your "Friends Sampler" chart. The pink pillow I stitched for my mom because I drew her name for our Rug Hookers Christmas party, but the funny thing is, my friend, who drew my name for the same party, stitched the exact same sampler for me! I opened mine and was so surprised but couldn't say anything because my mom hadn't opened her's yet...anyway, she was next in line to open her present, so we all had a good laugh! Like minds think alike and know a great chart when we see one! Of course, I changed a few things to fit my mom and I."

~*Friends Sampler*~ by Michele & Friend...

Thank you, Ladies.. for sharing your talent & your stitches. You brought some warm smiles to me on such a chilly day.

Warm smiles to you all....



  1. Both so beautifully done, Betty! You and your mom are so lucky! The Silent Night is oh so precious too!

  2. I love the Samplers...they both or should I say all three look so great. I have been wanting to get one of your patterns started such as the Valentines one but have not got to it quite yet. The last time I did a cross stitch was 4 years ago. I am trying to re-think how to get started...can you give me a hint :)))

  3. Kathy and I started stitching that about the same time and she showed me yesterday that she finished before me. I am so glad you posted the picture. She has such exquisite taste, doesn't she?
    What a sweet story from Michele - how excited you must have been to see both of those!!

  4. i love the stitcheries!
    where did the friends sampler come from?? i couldnt find a link on your blog.:)

  5. Thanks Betty for your sweet words about the sampler and our home :-) Love the "friends" sampler and pillow, what wonderful treasures! Stay warm.....
    blessings, kathy

  6. Beautiful. I haven't done cross stitch in about 20 years. I admire the time and work involved.

    I am hosting a giveaway. I hope you will join in.

  7. What lovely stitched keepsakes. Each one is beautifully done. It's so fun to see your patterns done by so many talented stitchers!

  8. Betty all the pieces shared are beautiful. Lovely finishes too. Friends Always is one of the first charts of your's that caught my eye! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  9. Those are so wonderful!!! Hope you are staying warm...brrrrr... Hugs, MO


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