Sunday, January 11, 2009

~*I'm so Excited!*~

Happy Sunday to you all! I've just come across some delightful news & am so surprised, tickled, and touched.... all at one time! Guess you could say, I'm GIDDY! I've just learned that Tammy of Skip To My Ewe has proposed a challenge to her local hooking group. The girls in the challenge were offered two of my Valentine, freebie doodles to hook. Here are two... one finished & one in progress, both of the freebie ~*Hearts Pair 1957*~...

This pillow was hooked by Renee. I so love the scalloped edge & the contrast of pinks and blacks. (Renee runs the Ebay shoppeSkip To My Ewe.)

And this is a work-in-progress by Sheri of Shabby Sheep. Again, I do just love the pinks & blacks together... just brings images (and cravings) to mind of all the yummy Valentine candies! She says that she is pulling some of the darks out to add a grenedine color so her rug (another pillow finish actually) will match a Karen Kahle rug she has hooked.

Now... as the topping on the cake!.... Tammy left me a comment saying that many of the finished pieces & their makers will be at the Lenexa hook-in at the end of February! I'm going to be there too! I get to see them all in person! YIPPEE! It is so GREAT to see folks' finished works using my patterns... or doodle ditties! Not to mention, I get to meet the awesome makers themselves! See.... how exciting?!

All this news comes at the end of a full week for us at home. Trinity had his tonsils & adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears on Friday. He has needed lots of TLC... as any little one would! He is recovering remarkably & has been so brave! Such a strong Little Trooper!

Warm smiles to you all..... Betty


  1. Betty,
    What a compliment to you!! EXCITING!!
    The younger you are the better, they bounce back so fast. Hugs to Trinity!!

  2. This is exciting. I love both hooked pieces - they are so pretty. Hope your little one feels better soon.

  3. Congrats to so deserve just wish we all could be there in person to see all of your doodles done. I always love doing them and plan on it soon:)
    Hope your son is doing alot better.
    Congrats again!

  4. Betty,
    How exciting to see a challenge with your designs.
    I hope we will get to see the finished products.


  5. Wow - a well deserved honor!

    I hope the little guy is feeling hip - hopity soon!

  6. BIG smiles for the good words coming your way. You deserve them!

    Our Nicky had the same set of ops done a couple of years ago and what a HUGE difference it made for him. He came out of it so much happier and healthier. Best wishes to Trinity!

  7. I hope Trinity is feeling better soon.

    What a beautiful job both of those ladies did on your beautiful freebie designs. They are both lovely.

  8. I stumbled into your blog from another one I visit. I love your work. I've seen it on Etsy. Thanks for the free pattern. I will be visiting often and hope to sell some money back into my paypal so I can buy more patterns. I went a little crazy at Christmas. Giggle. Beautiful stitching, and love the old prim look. You rock!

  9. The pillow and the rug in process are wonderful. Love the colors that they choose to do your doodle in!
    Hug Trinity for me :)

  10. How wonderful for you, the hearts look fantastic. I have not tried rug hooking yet, am still on punchneedle, and trying to design my own prjects for that, but rug hooking is something that I am really looking forward to. Sorry to hear about Trinity, my youngest son went through exactly the same thing when he was about 4. So lots of hugs to him.

  11. Oh I love these. I started my first hooked rug...with some amount of difficulty. I hope I can get motivated to finish. I would love to create some of the beautiful rugs I see on your blog...or something like pretty.


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