Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~*Another Sweet Valentine Finish*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm still plugging away at finishes this week. Yesterday I made some pear & strawberry pinkeeps. Hummm... they weren't in the photo from last week and I do still need to get all of those pieces done. Maybe I shouldn't worry. I am finished with the pears & strawberries... and I have been crafting.

Yesterday I received another delightful ~*Oh Sweet Valentine*~ freebie finish. This one comes from Bonnie (no blog of photo album yet ~ I'm still checking). Bonnie is known as the 'forty~eight count stitcher'. She loves to stitch tiny, dinky, and oh~so~small! When she stitches, she normally stitches over 'one'! She told me she stitched this piece on 45 count linen & the finish is only 2 1/8 by 2 3/8 inches. WOW! That is TINY! It is is so precious too!

Thank you, Bonnie ~ for stitching & sharing!

Well... I better sign off & get back to my projects. I've got a few cross stitch patterns ~ NEW ONES ~ staring me in the face to finish up models!

Many warm smiles to you...


  1. pretty, pretty...thanks for sharin'! How are you? Hugs, MO

  2. this is wonderful- I am so jealous!
    -xo nicole


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