Monday, February 16, 2009

~*Beholden*~ Freebie Finish & More Sharing

Hello Dear Friends! I've got more charming ditties to share!

The first comes from Katherine. She emailed me her finish and told me that her MIL recently passed away ~ this finish is in honor of her. She speaks very fondly of her & said that her MIL was her biggest supporter. She goes on to say that she has been in a sort of 'slump' since her passing ~ they were very close. Katherine made this ditty special to sit on her MILs favorite doll. This is Katherine's first attempt on stitching on a fabric other than aida ~ I think it is remarkable. The story & the finish are very special.

Katherine changed the word 'Beholden' to 'Beloved' and added her dear MILs initials. She then stitched it to this lovely blue heart.

I would also like to share another kitty finish. This adorable kitten was made by Tanya as a Valentine Gift for her Mom ~ how sweet is that!?. :) Tanya is one heck of a stitcher! She told me she worked this one up in just one night. Speedy, Proper, and Super Talented she is! (This is one of my pattern offerings that you can find on Etsy.)

Thank you, Ladies... for stitching & sharing. I do love to see finishes!

Many warm smiles to you all...


  1. Hey Girlie,
    Mom's kitty sure looks sweet on your blog - thank you for showing him off here :) I adore this chart of yours and did start to make myself one but got sidetracked - ah, the mommy brain! lol Love your designs - you rock!


  2. Thanks for such kind words Betty. It's so generous of you to share your designs. I love them and want to stitch them all!


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