Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~*Where Did It Go?*~

The warm weather? Where did it go? This past Saturday was so nice... in the lower 70s. Now today we will be lucky to get to the upper 20s. Goodness... it does seem just crazy doesn't it? The forecast is saying it will be back up to near 70 by the end of the week, but a real cool down right now.

Saturday was the PERFECT day! We celebrated a couple of Fairy birthdays. My niece, Emma, has just turned 3. Angie's (my sister) boyfriend has a daughter, Carter, that has just turned 4. My Sister & Mom worked hard preparing for the big bash... Fairies & Knights was the theme. The celebration started in my Mom's basement... there was pink EVERYWHERE, bubbles hanging from the ceiling by curly ribbons, goodie bags full of pink foiled chocolate kisses & pink snowballs, a fairy cottage display complete with fairies on the table, fairy wings & knight armor attached to the chairs for the children to keep, and butterfly nets hanging on the wall for the kids to use later... to catch some of their own fairies. They started decorating for this party over a month ago... and it showed. I'm sure there was more that I have failed to mention... but it really was GREAT! The basement was GRAND... but unfortunately my camera didn't like the light too well & all my pics were blurry. However, because it was so nice... we took off for the park to play and we did get some good snap shots!

Here are Emma and Carter with their wings & bubbles... aren't they both just stunning with their pink tutus? (Emma is on the right ~ Carter on the left)

Even my Mom played! I think she was enjoying the swing as much as Trinity!

Angie and Carter's Grandma worked together to make the cake. It was so cute! I hated to cut it up!

I would like to mention a little more 'PINK'! I may have showed this earlier, but it is well worth another note. Sheri hooked up this sweet pillow with one of my freebie patterns. I love to look at this one because it reminds me of the Valentine candy hearts ~ you know, the ones with the little sayings on them. That is how sweet I think it is!

Sheri told me she will be bringing her pillow to the Lenexa Hook In. I am so excited about that! I'll get to see them both... Sheri and the pillow! Goodie! Thank you for hooking & sharing, Sheri!

Time for me to get busy... I'm stitching up some birthday gifts for friends today. That sounds like a great activity since it is too cold to be outside!

Many warm smiles to you...



  1. OOOOH!! What a wonderful party.... Looks like such fun, even for the "big kids" :-) Pass the cake! She did do a lovely job on that pillow, wow!! Thank you for sharing.. Hugs, MO

  2. The weather sure has been whacky. We are supposed to get another inch or so of snow tonight, and tomorrow will be blustery they say. I'm NOT going out.
    LOVE that cake! How creative!! The kids look adorable, and so does your mom!
    Sherry did do a wonderful job with your heart design. How nice you will be able to meet her and see it in person. Make sure you get pic's of the two of you together!!

  3. What a wonderful Birthday theme and love that cake.


  4. It looks like the kids had a wonderful time. The cake is beautiful! I would of had a hard time cutting into it also.


  5. Betty, the cake, the party and the birthday girls all look so good. Wasn't the weather just perfect? We got up to 73 on Saturday and loved every blessed second of it but it just makes it harder to deal with the 11 degrees we have right now!

    Sheri's pillow is adorable. I'm looking forward to meeting her in Lenexa since we apparently walked right past eachother last year.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be good for the hook-in....not just at Judy's but in Lenexa.

  6. What a fun day ..

    I just found your blog and love your art! I'm going to stitch up the Oh Sweet Valentine, plus Valentine's Day is my wedding anniversary!

    I'm a Kansas native.. nice to meet you!


  7. Oh how fun!! I wonder if I am too old for one of those parties! :-)
    Thanks for sharing!


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