Sunday, March 29, 2009

~*How Could It Be?*~

Hello Friends! How could it be freezing rain and snow one day and upper 50s the next? The last couple of days were so scary... with ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. We were stuck inside and praying that we didn't loose power like so many in our area did. Luckily, our lights and heat stayed on and we didn't have to leave the house... but it is crumby that here it is now Spring and we were suffering with Winter weather. Today though, was just beautiful. It was warm enough to melt all the ice and snow... but left us with a soppy, soggy mess. Our daffodils seemed to be smiling today ~ they survived...

Today we met up with several of our family members to attend our first auction of the year. We all had GREAT fun & found a few new treasures. (I'll try to get some pics of my finds in the next few days.) Grandma Mary and Grandpa Richard bought a wheelbarrow (and a few other goodies too!). Laying inside were a couple of brand new ~ in the package, kites. Since Trinity was the only lil' one with us... he was gifted with both of them. (Thank you!) After supper tonight, Tony and Trinity braved the soggy yard and took advantage of the blue sky and crisp wind (here they are in the center of our go kart track ~ safe from the power lines in the distance)...

Trinity slipped on his snow boots to avoid getting his socks wet... but was having a GREAT time & did very well navigating through the wind...

He wanted me to be sure to get a picture of the kite up in the sky...

Now... this is what Springtime is all about... daffodils, blue skies, sunshine, and family smiles!

Wishing you all warm, Springtime smiles too...



  1. sweet photo's Betty. Wonderful memories to be shared. I'm waiting for the weather to change and stay changed...

  2. OH what fun! I love kites, guess I'll be finding one this week to fly myself! Trinity is getting so tall. Glad your weather warmed right back up. Wishing you a sunny week ahead!

  3. Ahhh, I remember kite-flying being so much fun as a kid. I need to get out there with my sons and introduce them to a very old, but enjoyable pastime. Thanks for sharing these photos.

    The weather has been iffy here. Yesterday we were scared by our tornado sirens. Yep, at least 10 wales were set off. There was a funnel or two in our skies in the area and unfortunately we're in our tornado season now. Lately it has been in the mid-70s and today, BOOM, in the 40s but felt like 35 kind of breeze. I can't wait for the warm weather to stay, and stay until September. :D

  4. Oh I know it Betty! It was the same here in Missouri. We woke to snow covered ground to church which is 20 minutes NW of where we live & nothing there!
    Seems there's always a bout of winter weather once spring hits...hope that was it & we can get on with some much warmer temps!!

  5. Hello Betty! I am a bit new to your blog, but I've been "peeking" in on you for little while now ...Love your items! You are so talented! My grandchildren are coming for a visit this weekend, and I hope we too will have "kite flying" weather! (: Have a good week! Kathy


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