Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~*More To Share*~

Hello Dear Friends! The week has started out beautiful & OHHHH SOOOO SUNNY! This morning I decided to go for a long walk before diving into my daily routine. Heck, maybe I should make the walk part of that daily routine now that Spring seems to have hit us full force! We live in the country and my favorite walk is through the fields behind our home... but they are just too muddy right now. So today, I decided to actually walk to town. All~in~all, it is about a mile from our home to our small town park ~ so I went there and back. It was a relaxing & joyful walk to say the very least! Good for the body and soul ~ don't ya think?

When I arrived back home, of course I had to check email! To my delight, Julie sent me some awesome finishes! She has been one busy gal!

She stitched and shared her first ~*Spring Freebie*~ a few weeks back that she had made for her Mom. She stitched it again to make herself this darling pillow..

I do just love the variation in flosses for the bunnies! The vintage buttons are darling too!

Julie also stitched up ~*My Favorite Kitten*~ (pattern available from my Etsy shop or your local needle work shop). She made this one for her dear Aunt as a birthday present. Her Aunt appropriately named it 'Julie'. :) Very sweet!

Thank you, Julie, for stitching and sharing! Marvelous work!

Wishing you all warm smiles,


  1. Thank you for sharing with everyone, Betty! I so appreciate it. :D

  2. They are both wonderful. I am sharing some of your finished designs on my blog today if you want to take a peek. Dianntha

  3. Those are so sweet, & such very nice work.

  4. Your designs are so wonderful, Betty. I haven't had time to stitch any yet, but hope to in the near future. Keep up the great work. Also glad you had a nice walk. Our weather in Oklahoma has been beautiful. Am so glad spring has finally arrived. patijane


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