Thursday, June 11, 2009

~*Gotta Get Caught Up!*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm so sorry so many days have slipped by between posts. It has been crazy-hectic around here... to say the least! I've been crafting... but keeping very busy with the family. Trinity seems to be the one with the most on the calendar, but I'm not complaining about that. He had his first t-ball game this past Monday. He was so happy too! He hit the ball without needing the t-stand. He was just on Cloud Nine!

I need to say 'sorry' to a couple of girls that shared stitching with me several days ago. I've not had a chance until now to get these posted to share... but believe me, you all gotta seem 'em! They are so sweet!

My friend Pam (no blog) emailed this one to me. It was stitched by Ann (no blog) using the ~*Blessings*~ freebie. Ann made it into a cute lil' bag that she carries her cell phone & other lil' items in. Ann is a rug hooker, but stitched this sweet ditty up by hand using linen & homespun. Isn't it darling, prim? I love it!

This next wonderful ditty was stitched by Kathy (no blog)also using the ~*Blessings*~ freebie. Another darling piece! Her choice of floss color is so jewel-like & warm!

Thank you Ladies for stitching and sharing! I LOVE to see your works!

Well, Trinity and I are off to see this week's summer movie. Tomorrow we leave for the Eureka Hook-in & fishing trip. I'll take the camera & share lots when we get home.

Warm smiles to you...



  1. I love the little blessings bag!

    Both are so very nicely done.

  2. Betty, sounds like you and Trinity are having a great summer so far. Have a safe trip! Can't wait to see your pictures when you get home.

  3. Great finishes by Ann and Kathy. Hope you have a wonderful time away. Will look for more pic's when you get back! Safe travels for you!!

  4. Hooray for Trinity! Isn't T-Ball lots of fun!!
    Great little finishes once again by some talented gals.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Eureka counting down the hours!

  5. I love it both needlework! I like the old substances and samples!
    Monika from Hungary

  6. Have fun, Betty! Looks like I won't make it to the hook in after all. Since Ginger doesn't need to stay at the house and I had some minor surgery Tuesday. I am better off staying put, but will miss meeting you and her.

  7. Missed ya ... but Trinity is more important. Enjoy the fishing. Cute prim finishes. :) Until later.

  8. Have fun Betty! Hope the two of you catch lots of fish! (: Lot's of happy memories too, of course!

  9. Those blessings bags are too cute! Your friends did wonderful work! Have a wonderful trip!


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