Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~*He Just Couldn't Wait!*~

Hello Friends! Trinity was so excited about getting the new pool... he just couldn't wait any longer! He HAD to get in while it was getting filled.

He soon found out that water ~ especially from the well ~ is kinda cold!

(Those are temporary tattoos on his arms... so he can look like a rock star!)

But it didn't take long for him to get in the swimming mood... silly kid...

We leveled out the ground & set up the pool Sunday afternoon. It is now full of water & the sun is warming it up. Trinity did hop in it again yesterday and said it wasn't bad once you got use to it. Ummmm.... I think I'll wait a few more days for the sun to do its work!

Warm smiles to you...



  1. Brrr!! My son was the same way when he was younger. He had to jump right in as soon as it was filled. The water would be freezing and his lips were purple but it didn't phase him one bit!
    Kids!! Now at 17, the water has to get to 80 degrees before he'll go in!

    Enjoy your pool!


  2. I thought he was a rock star!!!!! It does look like he is going to have a great summer swimming!!!


  3. Gotta love kids. The water is fine, once their numb! I am so gonna miss our pool like that, this year.


  4. I am still waiting for mine to get warm enough to swim. Way too cold for my old bones. I loved having the pool when the kids were young. They could play and swim in the backyard, so much easier than going to a beach.


  5. What a fun time you ALL will have this summer in your new pool. Enjoy!!

  6. Our grandson Noah is still pretty much the same way with the pool
    (12). Kids ... I love 'em. Brrr...
    Great post! Enjoy!

  7. Oh wow! You have a rock star and we have a biker!! My 6 yr old nephew thought he needed a Harley Davidson tatt because Uncle John and Aunt Cindy have a Harley!! LOL
    Enjoy the pool!! That water would have to get a little bit warmer for me too!!

  8. Looks like fun times for you this summer! I think Trinity is a lucky boy!!!

  9. My teeth are chattering just thinking about how cold that water was but totally remember as a kid not being able to wait for it to warm up!
    Hope Trinity has lots of fun playing in the pool this summer.

  10. Looks like lots of summer fun for you and Trinity! Enjoy your time together!(: ~Kathy


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