Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~*My Maggie Angel*~

Hello Dear Friends! Last night I had a hard time sleeping... one of those nights that my mind was wandering endlessly. One of the things I was thinking about... "When did I first get interested in Primitives?" Well, the answer to that is obvious ~ it was when I first met (had the delightful pleasure to meet!) Maggie Bonanomi. It was about 1993. She lived in Junction City, KS at that time & often did local (well, between her home and KC anyway) craft shows. Craft shows were a really BIG thing then. (Remember those days?) I was just getting into crafting myself after finishing college & trying to find my 'way' of life. I so admired Maggie and her works. My Mom and I would be sure to visit Maggie's booth first off! She always had TONS of people packing her display & her items were always quickly out of stock! Maggie was always so gracious with her customers and always a treat to chat with... just a smiley chatter girl she is! I've heard she is now in Lexington, MO... and would LOVE to attend one of the many classes she offers at different locations. Maybe one of these days I can work it into the schedule. Until then... I'll keep buying up her books & patterns... because she is still one of my very favorite primitive artists!

This is the only 'Maggie original' that I have. I've had her for so many years... carried her from home to home as I moved from here to there so many times. She is one of my favorite possessions.

I just hung her on the front door today. Now I'm REALLY thinking our front door needs painted! It is very worn from years of forgetting to close the screen when rain was coming. Hmmmmm... maybe I should get more Uniform Blue like I painted my bench the other day?

~~~back to the angel... sorry~~~

Seeing Maggie's works several years ago... was the first time I had seen RUST on crafts... and STAINS too for that matter! Plus, I was intrigued then (as I still am now) to see how she uses vintage, often discarded fabrics... notice the ticking & lace. Another thing that was new and interesting ~ how she used dried herbs on her crafts. WOW! I had never heard of any of this prior to Maggie!

So simple & sweet!

Rust! Who woulda' thought? Maggie of course!

Her arms & legs have shortened over the years (remember I bought this doll around 1993 and have moved way too many times since then)... but WOW! Long cinnamon sticks hot glued at the body openings. Very cool! They use to hang down past the hem of her dress. Maybe I can re~attach/repair her?

Well... thanks for letting me take a stroll down memory lane. :) So... when did you first get into Primitives?

Warm smiles to you...



  1. Betty - I just got home from a visit to Star of Texas rug camp in Tyler Texas where I met Miss Maggie B! What a treat - and such a delightful gal. Have seen her things in books over the years and own her beautiful book so was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet her in person. Her classroom was filled with beautiful rugs and the wall of wool and her handcrafted items - well, a perfect day! sandi in texas

  2. What a beautiful doll! I love primitive dolls and have a few, but this one is a real honey.

  3. Awww how sweet and made by Maggie herself! How well I do remember craft shows of the 80's and 90's. Primitive style has always been my favorite and I'm sure it always will be, just wish my family could understand why I like it so much!

  4. I have many of those nights when I try to sleep but my mind is rambling everywhere. I remember back in the early 90's how my mom and I would go to craft shows every chance we got.

    I love the doll!


  5. I've been into country since 1983 but really started to get interested i prims when everything was getting tea and coffee dyed!

    Love your doll she sure is a treasure!

  6. Oh Betty she is a treasure! One day I have to buy your witches hat pattern it is so perfect for me

  7. What a wonderful treasure. I remember in the 80's, ticking was a big thing in crafting.


  8. What a blast from the past! Just emailed you.

  9. I also got started with country in the 80's and did a lot of sewing and of course the coffee and tea staining all the dolls I made. Did consignment back then, and hit all the craft shows. My stuff was mostly prim. I collected lots of tins, and yelloware and any old broken down box or wood thing I could find. Oh such fun. Sort of miss making the dolls and making them look old. Thanks for the memory, and I love all of Maggies stuff. My friend is a good friend of hers and hoping she shows up here one of these days. Can't wait for her new book to come out.

  10. The doll is sweet as she can be. I first got interested in primitives when I was an antique dealer. There is so much charm in the simple, uncomplicated primitive art. I never really got into it though until I joined some primitive e-bay groups. So much fun!

  11. Betty ~ Thanks so much for sharing! I love your doll - such a treasure! I just love Maggie's unique style and how you can point out one of her pieces from miles away just by the colors and style!

    I've been collecting antiques and enjoying the country style since high school in the early 1980's when my parents were big collectors. I've been leaning more primitive in the past 10 years or so.

    I've been blessed to take several classes with Maggie and she is a true joy! I'm looking forward to my next class with her in November!

    Isn't amazing how when you move and take out certain treasures it suddenly makes a house into a home?!

    Blessings, Patti


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