Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~*NWA Hook-In part 5 FINALE*~

Hello Dear Friends! Thank you for allowing me to share all the beautiful rugs & fun from our weekend in Eureka Springs. It really was a great weekend! I probably do have more to share with you about it, but will consider this my FINALE POST for now anyway.

To top off such a fun weekend, my good friend, Ginger, and her charming hubby, Danny, came over to our hotel for supper ~ grilled chicken breast by my awesome BIL, Jimmy... YUMMY! I've got to tell you, I truly admire this couple. Ginger and Danny are both the sweetest & kindest anyone could have the honor to meet and know. I do feel extremely blessed to have this friendship.

Ginger gave both my SIL, Robin, and I quilt tops she had made. She said these are from her stash of UFOs. I cannot imagine having a stash of these... they are both beautiful. I missed getting a picture of Robin's, but here is mine ~

I'm going to keep this in a safe place until I get the nerve to try to finish it myself... or take it to a trusted quilt finisher. Isn't is wonderful? I just love the design & the colors! Thank you Ginger!

I've talked (typed) so much about Robin & Jimmy... I should share them with you too ~

And our smilin' mugs too ~

And to close the post... sunset on Saturday evening...

Warm smiles to you all...



  1. That quilt is gorgeous. I love the the photo of you and the family, really nice one.


  2. Oh I just love your quilt top! How sweet of your friend to give it you!

  3. Betty~ You and your entire family were just so sweet to have us over for such a splendid tasted so good!
    The friendship we have is a blessing to both Danny and I and we truly enjoyed the time we spent with you and your beautiful family it was our favorite part of the trip!


  4. Betty I love the quilt lucky for you!!!! The photos are beautiful...loved reading your post (as usual).


  5. Oh, my goodness Betty...what a wonderful friend to give you such a fantastic quilt, I love the colors and pattern it is so prim!
    Thanks for sharing pictures of everyone it was so nice to see!

  6. Thank you Betty for the wonderful weekend you helped my enjoy with your blog. I didn't get to go but you made me feel like I was there. Hope to see you next year.

  7. It was a pleasure to read these posts and see the beautiful goods!!

    That quilt is amazing too!!

  8. Love the quilt top...lucky you!!
    Thanks again for sharing your trip with us thru your photos!!

  9. What great pics of all of you! OMG that is a gorgeous quilt. Love the colors!! I still can't get over all the beautiful rugs!

  10. I've just loved this series, and your wrap-up is a delight as well. Wonderful family photo! :D

  11. Betty, I've been watching each post but waited until now to comment. What a great job you did on getting so many pictures of the rugs. And what a wonderful hook-in!! I would have loved to go to this hook-in and see Vicki in her "stomping" grounds.

    We scattered my Dad's ashes in Bella Vista, Arkansas so I'd love to include this hook-in with a visit to Bella Vista. Maybe next year.

    Love your quilt top. What a wonderful gift. If you decide to get it finished professionally, my cousin has her own business in Colorado and I can point you in her direction.

    Great pictures of you and Robin but hey, tell your husband to smile!!! I know he's not as grumpy as he looks!! And Trinity's so cute with that toothless grin.

  12. The quilt top is beautiful and I love all the pictures of you, your family and friends.


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