Sunday, June 28, 2009

~*Slippin' By*~

Hello Dear Friends! Time is just slippin' by! There is so much I wanna tell ya & share with ya... goodness, where to begin?

Well, I'll just start and see how far of an update I can give you all. This past Friday were the annual Worm Races at our library. This was the first year Trinity has taken part in them. He came in 3rd! Or should I say? ~ his worm came in 3rd! My Grandma came for a visit and joined the fun. It was so nice to have her here and to share time with her!

Grandma and Trinity before the races ~

See the long, fat worm? That is 'Johnny' ~

The prize for the top three winning worms was a shiny trophy and a bag of gummie worms ~

Grandma guarded the worm between races. She had to be on-her-toes 'cause Johnny is FAST!

The temperatures here last week were in the upper 90s and sometimes hit 100+. We still enjoyed time outside playing with the worms.


A Boy and His Dog

Meet Brownie ~ our newly adopted, rescue dog ~

We adopted this lovable guy this past Monday. He has suffered from neglect and malnutrition, but is one happy-guy now! We took him to the vet for shots and heart worm testing his first day with us. The vet gave him a clean bill of health. He is eating good & loves to be brushed, petted, played with, and hugged. He has been spending time in the garage when we aren't able to be with him in the yard & has been very good about NOT having any 'accidents'. We have plans to build him a pen that will allow him to go in/out of one of our out buildings when he chooses ~ through a doggie door.

Now, if only all our feline, family members felt the same love we do for Brownie... all would be well ~

At least, Mr. Bean and Tommy can still play in the yard while Brownie is near ~


Before I finish this post, here is another fabulous freebie finish to share with you ~

This wonderful ditty was punched by Charlene (no blog). She did a very sweet job ~ don't ya think? The color choices are very cheerful & just make me smile! She has it listed on Ebay right now if you would like to see more. Her Ebay id is redlockscreations. CLICK HERE to go directly to her offering.

Thank you, Charlene, for playing with my doodle & sharing!


One more thing, dear friends... I'm thinking it is about time for another freebie. Please keep an eye out for another coming soon. I'm not sure yet if it will be a doodle or a chart... but something should be posted by the end of the week.

Warm smiles to you all...



  1. Betty ~
    Thank you for rescuing a dog ;-)
    I just picked up a foster pug today. She is just the sweetest thing, but she, too, had been neglected. She was loaded with fleas and is malnourished. I will blog about her soon. My intention was to do it tonight, but the evening just got away from me.
    Pug hugs ~

  2. Betty~ You have such a sweet family. I'm glad you had a good time visiting with you Grandma.
    Worm races...interesting! Looks like Trinity and Brownie are becoming good friends.

  3. Betty,
    Looks like a great day and your new guy looks very happy with his new home. It is amazing how well dogs respond to love and attention.


  4. Betty, I love Trinity's smile....missing teeth & all! He's a treasure.
    How wonderful that your family has pets; there's no better way for a young child to learn responsibility & empathy.
    And bless your sweet heart for adopting a rescue pet.... my son & I have rescue cats and they have been the best addition to our little family.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Worm races and a new dog?! Good heavens, your summer is off to a fabulous start! Brownie looks like an absolute love - wishing you lots of happiness together! :D

  6. LOLOL worm racing?! It's a good thing that circle wasn't any bigger!! haha!! Too fun for Trinity!! And Brownie looks like such a sweetheart - just like you and your sweet family!! He's found his true home!! xo

  7. Betty~Sounds like you are enjoying a wonderful summer! Not quite sure of the worm! Brownie is just beautiful! I am a dog lover and what a lovely thing to do for Brownie and for yourselves too! I Enjoyed reading your post and "catching up" with you! Warm summer blessings~Kathy

  8. Brownie looks like one happy dog and a nice addition to your family! Trinity looks mighty happy himself. We too have a rescue dog and they are so appreciative for the attention and love.

    Tell him congrats on the worm race.

    Grandma looks pretty happy too. Nice you had a chance to visit!

  9. betty, i'm so happy for trinity and johnny for coming in third... and your new member to the family is sooo cute, my fur baby past away 2 yrs ago this oct and it has been very hard for me, but i have been thinking that it might be time to adopt, i'll keep you posted

  10. Great pictures Betty. Brownie looks so happy and so does Trinity!

    Lori R


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