Saturday, July 18, 2009

~*Entertainment While Crafting*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've heard from many a crafter about what they do while they are crafting ~ watch TV or a movie or two, listen to music, listen to a book on tape, or just enjoy some silence (whatever that is!). Well, here is what I enjoy while crafting.

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day! The temperature was around 80 degrees, sunny, with no humidity... and just a gently, cool breeze. I sat under one of the large oak tress in the backyard working on some cross stitch.

Looking up from my comfy spot ~

My entertainment...

Trinity and Brownie love to play with each other.

This was very entertaining!
(Note the change of clothes, Trinity took a dip in the pool today too.)

Shortly after the sword fight ~

Tony had to take a few spins on the kart too!

Trinity is Dad's shadow 100%!

I caught up with them for a stroll around the yard. Here is what I found ~

Lots of walnuts...

and grapes...

Trinity and I are always interested by the crawdad homes that pop up around the yard ~ weird, huh?

And more entertainment ~

We spent most of the day outside. I stitched for several hours and have gotten about half of this one finished. Although, I took this picture early in the day ~

OH... don't be mad at me! I can't show it until it is ready for release.

I hope you too had a beautiful day!

Many warm smiles...


  1. Brownie and Trinity look like they are having a lot of fun together. Wow, you have grapes! Beautiful stitching location! Looks like you are working on something neat!

  2. Trinity looks like he is having loads of fun. The picture with the cowboy hat and riding Brownie is my favorite! Great pictures you shared...glad you had some cooler temps today.

  3. Your house looks like lots of fun...I love the kart!!!! xxxRobby

  4. I love stitching outside! I just got back from a long walk and rolled up the umbrella on my deck. If we don't have rain, I'm heading outside after church to stitch. Got to enjoy the good weather while we have it!

  5. Looks like you have great places to stitch. Your views are great entertainment. What a blessing for you. Have a wonderful week :).

  6. Betty,
    Our weather has been glorious as well. I'm so envious of your grapes...i buy mine at the Farmer's Market when they are in much better than the grapes in the store!

  7. I just LOVE your blog!

    The go kart reminded me of when I was younger..I grew up with three brothers, and they had the go karts and mini bikes. I also rode them myself too! :) What grand fun.
    I would love to jump on your trampoline!
    thank you so much for your wonderful freebies, It is very much appreciated!
    Love your designs!

    Louise in NC

  8. What entertainment you had! (: lot's going on at your place for sure! Trinity is a lucky boy! I just love to smell walnuts..I remember my grandmother having them around her house when I was growing up...Can't wait to see your new patterns! Have a wonderful week!~Kathy

  9. Oooh, such a tease Betty. Can't wait to see the finished piece.
    Looked like a wonderful day to be outdoors! Thanks for sharing the great photo's!

  10. Hasn't the weather been just fantastic?? This cool and beautiful in mid July? But how much rain did you get last night? It poured here but from the radar I was watching, it looked like you were getting a lot more rain than we did.

    I haven't opened my hooking since Judy's. I've been spending every second I can outside while it's cool out, working on my flowers. And so now, I'm paying for it. My hands are very swollen and painful. I guess I need to soak them in some hot dishwater.

    I sure got a kick out of the pictures of Trinity and the dog. How cute....and it brings back memories!

  11. Your post reminds me of the fun we had to create for ourselves when we were kids! What fun!!


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