Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~*It Is In the Air!*~

Hello Dear Friends! It is in the air.... Fall that is! I've been reading it on posts in the many online groups that I belong to, and chatted about it with friends... and am feeling it myself too. Maybe it is because the weather this summer has been so mild. Whatever it is, I know I am in the mood for Fall, Autumn, Harvest creating & have been crafting for the season.

Today, I received a delightful email from Michelle sharing a few of her freebie finishes. She stitched up both ~*Time*~ and ~*Wicked*~ and assembled them into, what she calls, "pillow cushions". I LOVE to hear the different names for these tiny pincushions ~ there are so many sweet names. Anyway, I don't know the fibers Michelle used... but they are just DARLING! A GREAT way to get into the Halloween decorating mood!

Thank you, Michelle, for stitching and sharing your spooky~great works!

The dollies from the previous post have gotten dressed. :) I'll be sharing their finishes shortly. I've also decided two of them will be lil' witches!

Many warm smiles to you...


  1. Hi Betty,

    You are so sweet to post my finishes. I used remnant fabric for the back and filled them with crushed walnut shells.

    I'll keep you posted on my other finishes. Thanks again for such perfect designs.


  2. Betty.
    Great pieces and very prim.
    I am in the mood for fall items too, such a fun season to create for.


  3. Do all prim gals love fall? Because I sure do! I am so looking forward to the cooler weather...football games...and cool nights snuggled by a fire....And, of course, all the great prim decorating!
    Love those pin keeps, very nice!

  4. Those are awesome. I feel the same way. I always long for summer and hate to see it go, but this year I am so in the mood for autumn.

  5. Oh if only fall was just around the corner!!

    Great finishes!!

  6. These turned out so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    It does feel like fall and I am enjoying every minute of it. Early in the morning I sit on the front porch and enjoy the chill in the air.

    I'm yearning for fall and halloween stitching!


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