Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~*Stitches To Share*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've got some stitches to share! The first one is from Patti. I'm always delighted to see Patti's finishes. I love the way she incorporates antique skeleton keys on her keeps! They are so sweetly unique ~ don't ya think? Patti stitched the freebie ~*Wicked*~. Thank you, Patti, for stitching & sharing!

Patti offers many of her wares on TDIPT Mercantile. Watch for this pinkeep to be on her August 1st update.

Well, this next finish (finishes actually) are my dollies all dressed...

I did add a little bit of preserved Sweet Annie to each of them, tucked into the tie around their waist after the photo was taken, but they are finished! Some of you said you were not familiar with stump dolls. A stump doll, in my opinion, is just a simple doll that does not have any legs. This batch of dollies have been filled with fine sawdust and aged with my walnut & spice mix. I take great care with the finishing of my dolls. I use a machine to stitch the bodies, but always go back over the seams on the body with a hand stitch. I think this makes them more special. Adding decorative trims such as rusty pins, bells, old buttons, and a little bit of cross stitch are other things I do to make them even more sweet.

Most of these dollies are being delivered to friends, but a couple will be offered on Ebay soon, and one will be a giveaway as I said in a previous post. I'll let you know more about that this coming Friday.

Thanks for letting me share with you!

Many warm smiles,


  1. OMG I love the dollies! Love your Halloween ones especially. Beautiful crafting Betty!

  2. Those dolls are adorable! That must have been a lot of work, Betty!!!

    Patti's finish is wonderful - wickedly so. LOL


  3. love your stump dollies!!! they are fabulous!! I love the details in which you use to make them more special..I to have some patterns for these little gals..I hope i can do them justice like you have..:)

  4. Holy kamolie Betty!!! You sure do have a lot of ZOOM with your stitching! I'd say it would take me about 10 years to get all those dollies completed! LOL! They look wonderful! :-) Love the Wicked finish too! She made a nice pumpkin to compliment it nice too!

  5. Your dolls are wonderful, I'll be checking ebay. Very cute. :)

  6. Love 'em...esp the little aprons!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. These dolls are so great Betty! :)

    I love how patti finished her pinkeep and that pumpkin is fantastic!


  8. Your dolls are darling, Betty. When I first opened your blog and the picture came up, a quick glance made me think it was a "litter" of dolls. So cute....and I like the way you dressed them.

  9. Whew....eye candy or what!!!! Patti's finish is unreal....and those pumpkins!!!! Love the stump dollies....wish I was one of your friends getting one of those dolls!!!! xxxRobby

  10. I agree with you, that key really adds something special to an already awesome design. Love your dolls, they are so sweet and prim!!

  11. Betty~they are all just wonderful!
    I especially like the black one in the front..and the cross stitch aprons are a lovely touch! Patti did a great job on her stitchery too! Thank you for always!(:

  12. Dolls are so cute! And I might have to borrow that idea of using the old key...

  13. I love all your dolls - they are so cute!

  14. Hi Betty---
    I found you via I'm a Little Teapot.
    I love those little pillows and
    your free patterns are great too.

  15. Your dollies are always PERFECT! Each and everyone is just so special and you always add just the right touch to each one....Love em' all.

  16. BETTY!! I love my belated birthday Dolly!! She has found her way to my wool stash and is snuggled in where I can see her every day. I just love all the things you make...and am so thankful to have something special in my own home!!

  17. Your dolls are adorable Betty. You really did a great job on them.


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