Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~*Wet Paint Wednesday*~

Hello Dear Friends! Today I enjoyed the day in the shade catching up on all my 'trash-to-treasure' goodies. It was warm today, but well worth the effort to get my stash of cheap finds refurbished.

This rocker was purchased at an auction last summer for only a few dollars. It was sitting on the front porch of our lil' house (hopefully my future studio), but after painting it today... it is now sitting on the front porch of our home... opposite the freebie park bench I painted a few weeks back.

I picked up a can of Heirloom White paint at the hardware store and literally SLAPPED on a few coats & viola'... it has new life! When I say SLAPPED ~ that is just my way of saying I'm a rather sloppy painter. More paint gets on me than where it is suppose to go. LOL

Here is how it looked before ~

These shelves were painted the same Heirloom White, but were distressed with the palm sander & 'dingied' with shoe polish. They look like they have olde, peeling paint now. Don't they?

Yes! I did say shoe polish! Really! The brown polish replaces the need to use walnut, wood stain & a sealer. Try it sometime ~ you will really like it. It says right on the can that it can be used for furniture too. Just rub it on with an old rag & buff like you would for shoes. ***Be sure to rub all the excess off your linen bars carefully.***

I still have some 'tweaking' to do on the displays... but here are the goodies in our home now ~

My dear Aunt Lavon gave me this sweet, quilt rack. It really was needed... to display the beautiful topper my dear friend, Ginger made & gifted to me. The bird's nest was found under a tree in our yard a few months ago. I just couldn't bare to throw it away.

This towel shelf came from the local thrift store. It was only $2.50!

The dowel across the front of the shelf was broken...

I simply pulled it out & replaced it with an old, rusty wire. I didn't throw the dowel away though... it was needed to fix the bar on the quilt rack. Thrifty of me, huh?

This was at the same thrift store for only 99 cents. I didn't know what I would do with it when I bought it... but knew something could be done.

Then I saw this great tutorial on Char's blog, The Pickled Pepper Patch. She made this ~

So I made this ~

I used red for the under coat and black for the top coat. Then distressed it & added my trusty shoe polish. When it isn't filled with goodies, I can hang it with the underside out 'cause it looks nice too. Oh... and I gotta tell ya about the beautiful, sampler in the back too. That was made for me by my dear friend Sher. Isn't it sweet?

Here is a close up of the paint on the scoop ~

It was a very productive day today & isn't over yet! I've got 'ideas' in my head for new cross stitch patterns. Ya... I know I've said it before... BUT... tomorrow I'm spending the day with one of my dear, stitching, friends ~ Marianne. She is taking me to cross stitch shop in Wichita called Heart's Desire. I KNOW this will be the PUSH I need to get these patterns out of my head & onto fabric... and ready for the offering! I'll keep ya posted!!! Promise!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


  1. love that scoop candleholder!...thanks for sharing!

  2. Great makeovers Betty!! Loved them all, sounds like you enjoyed yourself today!

  3. Everything looks so nice....I might have to go thrifting too. Dianntha

  4. Way to go Miss Betty!!!! I love all your getting done! Only two more weeks and the wedding will be out of our road and we can get together for some serious hooking/dying! Can't wait! Have fun tomorrow and tell us what all you get. Hugs, Sher

  5. Betty !
    Great finishes! You really got a lot accomplished. Good for you!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Betty, those shelves came out awesome looking!! And that candleholder is very neat also!!

  7. Your make overs are wonderful. That scoop prim is super. Love it. You are so creative with all your items. :) I love stopping ny!

  8. you did awesome work on all your stuff.. now come to my home and do mine..I love how you did the scoop from Chars tutorial.I love her tutorials..I always get great ideas and I love that she shares them...thanks again on all the advise you gave on the stitching...:)

  9. Great finds and finishes. I have projects I need to get to, so I can enjoy using them.


  10. You've had a very productive day and everything looks so good. I love how you took so many things and turned them into well~worn treasures! Have fun on your outing. :)Ginger

  11. Wow you have been busy!!!! I love it all...wish we had scoops like that over here in the op shops...I think I better hit the TS when I am over next!!! Love the cross stitch that Sher did for you...beautiful!!!! xxxRobby

  12. Those are great makeovers. I can't decide which I like the best--probably the scoop. So glad you had a productive day. Seems like those are hard to come by. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Once again... I am in total awe of everything you have accomplished! And, it all looks so primly wonderful! You certainly have a natural talent for bringing out the beauty in what others have given up on! :-)

  14. What a wonderfully productive day you had!
    Everything looks prim and perfect. What a great idea, taking Char's project a step further and making it your own by using what you already had! Pure genius!!
    I am in true awe of your ability!

  15. What a great eye you have ! Love the shoe polish idea, I'm gonna try that.

  16. Looks great! I've never tried shoe polish! Thanks for the idea!

  17. Betty,
    What a great job you did on everything, that scoop turned out perfect. Like the colors of the rug you have under it too, all so cozy looking. Thanks for sharing all your finds with us.

  18. Wowsie Betty, you are a real whirlwind!! I love the way you've finished these pieces. Never would have thought of using shoe polish!

  19. Oh Betty~I LOVE it all!! (: What wonderful ideas you have...and thank you for always being so generous in sharing them with all of us! Blessings friend~Kathy

  20. Wow Betty! I love what you've been doing with your "finds"!!! You've done a really nice job on that scoop ~ inspires me to try something like that. :-)

  21. WOW ... How nice! I am so so inspired by your creations. Thanks so much for sharing.

  22. How creative you are Betty! I just love your shelves and new candleholder!

  23. Betty, Love the redo's and the tip on using shoe polish. I've thought about using it, but never have tried, now I will knowing that you've had good luck with it. ~Ann


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