Friday, September 11, 2009

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've done this on Friday before, but think it is a good idea to try from now on out too... to post ~*Friday Finishes*~. I'll save this day to post the finishes by others, and maybe some of my own along the way. Of course, I would love to share finishes everyday ~ but with life as it is, Friday seems like a good day to save them for. So... let me begin...

First up is a fabulous, ~*Time*~ freebie finish by Jackie. Jackie purchased the frame from her local Hobby Lobby. I thought it was a striking accent for her stitched finish. Don't you agree? Lovely, Jackie!

This one was punched by C.C.. It is from the freebie ~*Boo Jack*~. C.C. backed the pillow with black velvet & added a couple of tan, velvet tabs... then ran a beautiful, organza ribbon to finish it off. I love the color variation in Jack's face and the background. Very darling indeed!

Now for a finish that had lots of loving hands work tirelessly on...

Yup, our roof is finished. Hooray! We still need to add the lightening rods back to the top & place our vintage weather vane on its new spot (centered on the main peak rather than stuck off on the side over the garage)... but it is done. We couldn't be happier!

Thank you to Jackie & C.C. for sharing your finish finishes! Thank you to our great family for helping with the roof. :)

Wishing you all warm smiles,


Tonight we are headed out for some fun ~ the local car club is having 'cruise night'. Trinity has a few he would like to show ~ so we will see how he does. :) (He has a HUGE collection of HotWheels & has a few of his more favorite to put on display. LOL) I'm also thinking supper out would be a good thing too!


  1. Great finishes and the roof looks nice.
    Send them over to my house;)


  2. That "Time" finish is wonderful - but your new roof really takes the cake. Congratulations on a big job that's well-done! :D

  3. Hello Betty,
    Pretty finishes you got there.
    Congratulations on your new roof. Looks good from here. You're set for a few more years. What a task!
    Congrats again.

  4. Great finishes! LOVE how your home is coming along! The roof was a HUGE job and looks fabulous, and the landscaping is filling is nicely too! Very pretty! :-) Relax now doing something you enjoy!!!!

  5. Great finishes as always! Glad your roof is finished and it looks great. I tried your "Aunt Lavon's Salad" recipe and Danny and I both enjoyed it!!!
    Hope your enjoying your weekend.


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