Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~*My Aunt Lavon's Chopped Salad*~

Hello Friends! I'm posting a second time today! :) My dear friend, Marianne, asked me this morning if I would please share my recipe for chopped salad. She hasn't had the salad, but has heard me talk about it so much... she wants more information. Well, it really isn't a 'recipe', it really isn't my idea, and it isn't anything fancy.

A few years ago, my dear Aunt Lavon told me about this great salad that she had at an upscale, Italian restaurant. She took me into her kitchen & started chopping to show me how it was done. WOW! I had never seen a salad made like this. After tasting it... it is really cool how the flavor of the veggies just blend together when you do it this way.

*~*~* Disclaimer before I show any pictures or tell you any more... I am NOT like Martha, Paula, Rachel, or any of the other Greats in the kitchen... so don't expect any professionalism here. *~*~*

Start with veggies...

Any fresh veggies will work ~ and I do mean ANY. This morning I grabbed a bag of what I call 'cheater salad' along with some carrots, tomatoes, and celery. However, I LOVE to add fresh broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower, and greeen & red peppers too... I was just feeling a little tired this morning from all the roof work over the weekend. A small salad was good enough today.

Wash your veggies ~ of course, I didn't even have to tell you that. Do you have a salad spinner? I totally LOVE mine! Although, I can't tell if I like it because it gets the water off the lettuce or if I just like playing with it.

Begin with your 'cheater salad'... you can easily use a head of iceberg lettuce, spinach, or other greens, this was just easier today...

Using your biggest knife, begin chopping...

Working with a large handful of lettuce at a time... chop, chop, chop, chop, and chop some more until the lettuce is just lil' bits & pieces...

Transfer the chopped lettuce to your bowl & begin working on your other veggies... cutting them into small bits & pieces too. I should have gotten my other veggies cut up a little smaller... but again, I'm feeling kinda tired from the weekend...



and tomatoes... with the seeds removed (I just cut them & scoop out the seeds ~ not sure how to really do it right)...

Mix everything together & 'voila ~ chopped salad!

In our household, we all prefer different salad dressings. So we each just grab a bowl full & add our own. Yummy!

This salad has become a family favorite & is requested at almost each get~together we have. Enjoy!

Warm smiles,



  1. looks good betty - I've never chopped up my "chopped salads" that fine - but will give it try - Come to think of it - every have a salad from "Saldworks" (a chain around here) they chop pretty fine and I love their salads! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Betty that looks delicious. Thanks for posting the how to on your blog for me! : ) Have to try this one out for sure. I can see how the flavors would all blend better.

    Joanne I'll bet Saladworks is what I use to get for lunch back in Jersey. Loved it.

  3. Betty that looks delicious!!!!! Thanks for sharing. xxxRobby

  4. Mmm, so simple, but looks so good. Thanks Betty! Will be having that real soon..

  5. thanks... started weight watchers and this looks like a winner!!! :)

  6. I love salads and this looks like a winner. I can't wait to try it. Thank you for posting it! :)


  7. Oh so yummy and healthy looking! Thanks for taking the time to 'splain it to us! I think I'll add this to tonight's dinner menu!

  8. The salad looks delicious Betty! And it's pretty too! I'm going to make one tonight.

    Lori R

  9. That salad sure looks good and so easy! Guess I better pick up some veggies and give it a try! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. You INSPIRED me to try this for supper last nite Betty! It was YUMMY! I also chopped up some ham really fine & threw in some shredded cheese, too!
    Thanks for sharing!:)

  11. Betty had to tell you I made this tonight to go with dinner, dh told me I'm not allowed to make any other salad again :) Thank you so much it was awesome, I used iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and carrots shredded cheese and turked bacon pieces. YUMMY

    Thank you

  12. I tried Aunt Lavon's chopped salad last night. Mine was very simple,
    bagged salad mix, tomatoe, celery, carrot, cucumber. Hubby and daughter had it as a side and I had it as a main with the addition of smoked turkey and cheese.
    Hubby and daughter liked it very much. They asked where did I get the salad from as though I bought it at the store.
    A bib lol 'eh

  13. Woo hoo, my mouth is watering. This I will have to try. The picture looks scrumptious!

  14. Just made Aunt Lavon's salad and it was really good. We had it for lunch and I ate 2 bowls! I used shredded lettuce, bell pepper, celery, onion, carrotts and the only tomatoes I had were grape tomatoes so I cut them in half for the salad.
    It was really good. I hope it keeps well since I made a large bowl.
    PS: Sorry I misspelled scrumptuous on my last post.

  15. Okay Betty. Now I feel like a test kitchen, lol.
    I don't want to beat this horse to death, but I've tried this salad more than several times in several different ways; the latest adding spinach and cilantro. Very interesting and tasty.
    Thank you(and Aunt Lavon) for the salad.


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