Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~*Our Family Is Truly Amazing*~

Hello Dear Friends! Our family is truly amazing! So much so, that it brings tears to my eyes. We needed a new roof & our family came to the rescue ~ BIG TIME!

Work began this past Saturday ~ off with the old.

Thank you! Thank you to Jo, Russell, Robin, Jimmy, Craig, Kristy, Jamie, and Dave! You all worked so very hard & I'm sure are suffering from sore muscles and back pains for doing so!

Jimmy brought his tractor over to help carry off the old shingles & lift the new up to the top. It made things much easier. I did feel bad for insisting on keeping the tractor away from the flowerbed in the front of the house... my nagging added to the stress. All the flowers have survived though.

Day Two ~ Sunday... I did brave the top of the roof... I'm not too fond of heights & was comfortable just doing clean up work on the ground... but duty called. In this photo, Tony was doing his 'Captain Morgan' pose ~

Work went until the sun went down both Saturday and Sunday...

At the end of both days, we all enjoyed sitting, resting, some good eats, and lots of belly laughs around the make~do fire pit in the backyard...

Tony and I continued to work yesterday ~ putting the last of the shingles down. We only have the ridge cap left to do. This will be finished by the end of the week. I'll snap an 'all done' picture then.

Sitting on the sofa doing some stitching sounds like a good thing to do to rest some sore muscles... that is the plan for the next few days.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Ohhh, you are sooo lucky to have that help to do the roof. We just had a new roof put on a rental house of ours and it was hugely expensive ... and the roof was probably half the size of yours.
    What a wonderful family!

  2. It is wonderful that your family could help out, so you could get your roof done and at a fraction of the cost. We need a new one too, but will have to hire someone, no way am I getting up there, lol.


  3. What a great family you have!
    But isn't that what being a family is all about?....helping eachother and sticking with them no matter what!
    Rest your muscles and enjoy your day!

  4. Hi Betty--

    It IS good to have family especially if the y are willing to help when the need is there.
    Roofing is not fun but it looks like all went well. YEA!!


  5. Aawww Betty, that's wonderful! So happy that you have a new roof..your family is amazing!The campfires sound pretty nice after a long day's work! Now, put your feet up and rest!(: ~Kathy

  6. Isn't it wonderful to have family to help out when needed? That's what life is all about. Your house looks a whole lot like mine! Ours has a garage doors on the left side though. We even have gray siding, too.

  7. What a wonderful sight it is to see so many people working together! So glad it is almost finished... you'll be all set for winter!

  8. What a great family you have to come help with putting on a new roof. Even though you all probably did have some sore muscles I bet you enjoyed each others company just the same!


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