Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~*A Few Finishes & Photos*~

Hello Dear Friends! Well, I have finally gotten the pictures moved from my camera to the computer... and I can finally show you a few things. Hummm.... what to show you first? Guess I'll just start! :)

These are a few dollies I've made to donate to a wonderful project called Comfort Doll. My dear friend, Jo, found this project & offered it to the girls in the Ebay group An American Primitive Gathering. Several of us have made dolls to donate and are delighted that we could bring a lil' comfort to someone in need.

A few weeks ago, my good buddy Sher and her hubby came to town for a visit. We had lunch together (they treated me ~ thank you again guys!) and then visited some garage sales & thrift shops. Here is a photo of all the junque I drug home...

Cheap baskets, a box of wooden spools with thread, a neat old tomato pincushion, a milking stool, a plain ol' jar, a washboard, a school board slate, and an ugly~crafty thingy ~that I'm sure was cute at the time~ (I do actually have plans for it). When Sher and I went in the thrift shop, we immediately noticed two washboards for only $6.99 each. She asked which one I wanted and then said she was glad because she wanted the other one. I liked this one because of the red in the old advertising. Nope, I don't know what I'll do with it... but it will be displayed somewhere around here. Right now it is just tucked in a corner of the kitchen awaiting its time to be displayed.

Cool, isn't it?

I've tucked the pincushion in amidst my other vintage ones and put the box of spools on the shelf in my work area. As for the items I'm re~doing... I've began painting the baskets & stool... none of them are ready to show again just yet. The ugly~crafty thing (I hope that doesn't offend anyone... it was popular & cute at the time ~I'm sure of it!) is also a work~in~progress... but can't be shown just yet either. Well... of all of it... this is the only one that is finished. This jar was only .89 at the thrift store. I washed it, painted & distressed the lid, and added this GREAT label (that I also distressed). I just LOVE how it turned out!

A few months back, I purchased a collection or two of these awesome labels from Susie at Yankee Lane Primitives. (In my opinion, she has some excellent offerings.) It took me awhile, but I finally put one of them to use. It worked out perfectly on my thrift store jar ~ dont' ya think?

Also in the pile of pictures pulled from my camera... birthday photos of the kiddo! He is showing me how proud he is to be 7 ~

We celebrated his birthday with the entire family during our August Birthday Party... but being Mom... I thought we still needed to do something special for him on his birthday. Unfortunately, Tony had to work, Grandmas & Grandpas were all out of town, and it seemed everyone else had plans too... so Trinity and I had a special, date together... just the two of us. We started with a fancy dinner at Applebee's (not just a fast food joint), went to the local family fun center for a round of Putt Putt & some video games, and then stopped by the local Sonic so he could climb on the jungle gym. It was really a nice, memorable time... one I'm sure the both of us will never forget.

He was glowing when the waitstaff sang to him...

He did kind of confuse Putt Putt with baseball... even knocked the ball out of the fence once! LOL

He is in his element here though...

Okay... looks like I've gotten caught up on my posting... sorry for having such a long post! YIKES! I'll try to be more on top of things in the future. Please keep watchin' for those trash~to~treasure finishes and other things coming soon.

Warm smiles to you...



  1. Hi Betty---
    I have been looking for a washboard for a very long time and
    finally found one for decent price.
    Mine is in my laundry room.
    Have a great day!


  2. Looks like you have pretty good thrift stores in your parts...great stuff...Susan

  3. Happy Birthday Trinity!! Looks like you two shared some special moments together. So sweet!
    Love the finds you found. Hope you share what you do with them.

  4. Betty,
    Love how your comfort dolls came out and the stitched piece really adds a special touch. You sure got lots of goodies, I need to hit some yard sales before they are all over.


  5. What an absolute cutie Trinity is!!! He's turning into such a handsome young man! Looks like you guys had a blast! And can't wait to see what masterpieces you create out of your flea market finds. Love the jar!

  6. I just love them little dolls!
    And look at them treasures!I've had an old washboard stashed away in my laundry room just waiting to be put to use...If I ever get brave enough to redo the small space!
    What a fun & special birthday time for the both of you!! (Belated) Happy Birthday Tinity!!

  7. Looks like Trinity enjoyed his special birthday celebration! You found some great things while thrifting and I'm sure you'll come up with some grand ideas!

  8. Your comfort dolls are just sweet as they can be. is Trinity. I think it's wonderful that you can spend so much time with him, and you do. I know he had a wonderful birthday.

  9. Betty,
    You find some really nice treasures at the thrift store and garage sales. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Really like the jar!


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