Saturday, August 29, 2009

~*I'm Still Here*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yes, I'm still here... just have continued to be busy. That is just the norm now ~ must be. I have pictures ~ gobs of 'em ~ adding up on my camera that I desperately need to get transferred to the computer. There are pictures of the birthday bash from a few weeks ago, lots of crafty things, and lots of trash~to~treasure pieces that I've been working on. I want to share them all with you. Once I can find a few minutes, I promise to get caught up! I really do!

I need to apologize to Judy. She sent me a photo of her finished, first needle punch project almost a week ago... and I'm just know getting a chance to share it. Judy, I'm sorry to take so long with the posting. You have really done a marvelous job! The fact that you are a fine quilter shows in your craftsmanship. WOW! Perfecto perfection! :) Judy used the freebie doodle ~*Boo Jack*~.

Thank you, Judy, for working with the doodle & sharing!

Please keep an eye out... more posts to be written, photos uploaded, and sharing in the near future!

Wishing you many warm smiles...



  1. Absolutely no apologies needed at all! I had a blast making him and was more than excited to share the finished product with you! I know I struggle to fit bloging into my already busy life full of hobbies that I just keep adding up!

    I can't wait to make more of them from you doodles, which I will share also, and to see your trash to treasure projects!

  2. Beautiful work and choice of colors. It's amazing how these simple designs become so beautiful with color. Lovely piece.

  3. What a great finish! What makes it even more wonderful is that it's a first! Wow! Judy is a natural puncher for sure!

    Looking forward to seeing your trash to treasures Betty!

  4. Judy did a great job on the Boo Jack....she must have a natural talent for punching!
    Betty your projects are always a delight to see so I'll be looking forward to seeing all the crafty things and treasures you will be sharing for all of us to see!

  5. I love it too!!! I have never been able to do that type of work but...yours is great!!

  6. We do miss you but I know just what you are talking about.Live is just to busy anymore.

  7. Totally understand!
    Her "BOO" piece is really nice! I've got one in a hoop ready to be punched!

  8. Wow, this turned out just beautiful. The colors and shading are so nice. Are you sure this is the first time at this? It is really well done.


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