Sunday, October 18, 2009

~*At The Pumpkin Patch*~

Hello My Dear Friends! Just thought I would share some of the pumpkin patch fun from the other day. We went with Grandma & Grandpa after school on Thursday. There was lots of mud on the ground from the recent rains, but the temperature was comfortable & we had a fun time picking & choosing our pumpkins.

Could this be Trinity's scary, Jack-O-Lantern impression?

Grandpa wouldn't pose for a picture... but I did sneak one of him.

Yesterday was spent re-arranging & cleaning things around home. Trinity is getting a 'Big Boy Bed' from older brother Jamie. While working trying to fit a queen size bed in a room that barely could fit a twin ~ there was a lot of work and thinning out to do. One thing I did was clear out some jeans. You may notice Trinity's knee on the top photo. Well, I found several more pairs of jeans with the same problem! I just had to take a photo...

I've also finished up another small rug that should be posted on Ebay later this evening.

Wishing you all many warm smiles...



  1. Going to the orchards and pumpkin patch is always fun when your kids are little. Do I see a blue jean quilt in your future;)


  2. Pumpkin patches are always fun! Love the picture of the jeans!!! That means he REALLY knows how to play!!! :-)

  3. What precious memories you made at that pumkin patch! Such great pictures!

    We are growing a Lili in our patch!

  4. Gotta love those Jack o lantern smiles. They never last very long! He is growing so quickly!

  5. I made one of my sons a quilt with jeans I collected and it truly can take a beating with wear and tear! To this day, it's one of his favorite quiltes! ~Sam

  6. Looks like you had a fun day finding the perfect pumpkin.
    I love the picture of the jeans!

  7. One of my 14 yr old boys only likes to wear jeans with tears/holes! The more holes, the better. :)

  8. What a great picture of you and Trinity at the pumpkin patch! Ya gotta love those "knees"!

  9. Trinity is all boy!! He is growing up fast. I love the pumpkin pics and the jeans are a hoot!!

  10. What a great pumpkin patch and looks like you all had fun picking out just the right ones. I agree those jeans would make a great quilt!


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